Jungle Dreams

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and I think that I was in a jungle with some of my family but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that the boxer Mike Tyson and a man with whitish-colored skin were picked for a reality television series that would send them to a jungle to train and learn to survive.

If they finished their training and survived they would host the reality television series that would be a contest where a group of contestants would be put in the same jungle, and they would have to be trained by Mike Tyson and the other man while trying to survive and while competing against each other in various challenges.

Basically it was somewhat like the reality television series Survivor but it was dangerous and you had to really train and try to survive, and the hosts would be training you almost like military drill instructors.

Mike Tyson and the other man were dropped in the jungle and they had to survive and find the people who were supposed to train them, and I think a tribe living in the jungle probably trained them but I can not remember.

The jungle had various dangers like snakes and alligators or crocodiles et cetera that I saw, Mr. Tyson and the other man survived and finished their training, and so the contestants were dropped in the jungle to survive while trying to find Mr. Tyson and the other man to start their training and competition.

I was among the contestants and we were dropped in the jungle during the day, and we were forced to walk through a swamp-like river with a water level that went to our necks and we saw alligators and snakes and other threats in and around the river so this was a bit scary and very dangerous.

We survived the walk across the river to the other side, but then we were ambushed by Mr. Tyson and the other man but the other did not recognize them and they assumed that we were being attacked so they ran while I moved out-of-the-way while trying to call for the others to stop running.

Mr. Tyson was wearing some kind of tribal clothing made from things in the jungle and he was barely clothed, and the other man was dressed mostly like he used to except more practical.

Eventually the others stopped running and returned once they realized that we were not being attacked, Mr. Tyson and the other man just wanted to scare us and teach us a lesson and so us their stealth skills, and Mr. Tyson started to give a loud and energetic and wild speech and lecture before we start the training and competition.

But I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it also took place in a jungle during the day, and a group of people and I got captured by a slaver raider gang-like group led by two men who wore masks and suits that covered their bodies to make them look intimidating so you could not see what they really look and you could not hear their real voices because their masks had voice changers in them.

This gang had slaves working in the jungle and they had captured us to be used as slaves as well, and so we were slaves now and I remember us working and talking with the other slaves while coming up with a plan to defeat the gang and free the slaves.

This gang had made the mistake of capturing a group that was more dangerous than they seemed, my group would have fought them earlier but we were a cautious group, and so we let them capture us so that we could see who we were dealing with so that we could decide how to deal with the situation properly.

We looked around and asked around trying to learn as much as we could about the gang’s strengths and weaknesses and patterns et cetera, and when the time was right we would strike and defeat them and free the slaves.

Shortly before we were about to do this some of the leaders of our group were sent for private meetings with the two leaders of this slaver gang, and I probably got to hear some of these meetings which were one-on-one meetings with the leaders without guards.

The leaders of the slaver gang told us their story and they claimed to have been two men who had been captured by this slaver gang in the past, and they claimed that they decided to try to prove useful to the slaver gang so that they would not be killed so that they could be accepted into the slaver gang and eventually become the leaders of the slaver gang so that they could free the slaves.

The two leaders admitted that they had done many bad things to survive, but they claimed that this was all a part of their plan to eventually free the slaves.

They claimed that they had not freed the slaves yet because they were waiting for the right time when they had enough money to live the rest of their lives without working while also being able to share some with the ex-slaves, and enough support to defeat their gang if their gang decided to turn on them if they tried to free the slaves.

They felt that their gang would never accept letting the slaves go and that their gang would kill them, and so that is why they had not let the slaves go yet.

They claimed that they have been acting all this time, the outfits and masks et cetera were all part of fake personas of slaver gang bosses that they created to survive and to keep the gang and slaves under control until the time was right, and they felt that the time was right because they realized that our group was tough enough to defeat their gang and it seemed that they had sensed that we were about to do this so they wanted to make a deal/agreement where we and the other slaves would agree to let them live and they did not care if we killed the rest of their gang.

After the private meetings they let us return to the rest of our group to discuss this, and then we were to return to them with our decision.

If we accepted the agreement we would then talk to the other slaves and get them to agree, we would make a plan and share it with them, and then we would use that plan to defeat their gang and let them live and they would share some of the money with us slaves.

We did not know if we could trust them, their story sounded somewhat true, but we were not sure.

We did not need to make a deal with them because we were already about to act soon, and the plan was to probably kill the entire slaver gang so why spare them.

The meetings with the leaders were a surprise, and I woke up as my group tried to decide whether to accept their deal/agreement or not.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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