First Lady Michelle Obama Leaves In A Hurry

Last night after watching television I was so tired that I accidentally went to sleep on the most uncomfortable couch in the living room, and I did not wake up until 6:something AM realizing that I had slept in the living room on the uncomfortable couch.

I voice recorded part of a dream before going back to sleep in my bed this time, my sleep and dreams got interrupted several times because someone kept waking me up each time that I stared snoring, and so I can only somewhat remember part of my second dream which I also voice recorded.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it started maybe late in the afternoon, my memory of this dream is very flawed, and I remember that my brother GC and I were at the shopping center by W Park in the city of D and we were supposed to be leaving soon to ride with our parent’s who were going to drive to another city.

I remember riding down a highway in a vehicle with my parent’s, my dad was probably driving, and we passed a road on the left side of the highway that had a line of automobiles waiting to either ride a ferry or cross a bridge or something like that.

We realized that my dad was supposed to turn on that road so that we could go in that direction, the line of automobiles was moving like they were loading up or crossing to the next area, but we would not make it there in time so we would have to wait so my dad kept driving to go the long way instead.

The next thing that I remember is being at the shopping center again, so the driving part possibly happened before this or I had been daydreaming but I am not sure because my memory is too flawed, and I assume that my brother GC and I had been shopping and my brother GC was still shopping while I waited in a mostly empty former store that seemed to be a lobby area where people could sit and relax from shopping and/or while they waited for someone else to shop and there were some large bathrooms at the back of the building.

I had memories of this mostly empty former store like it was familiar to me, I remembered how it used to look when it was still a store, and the men’s bathroom was familiar to me because it was designed like some of the strange large bathrooms that have been in some of my past dreams.

I went to the bathroom but I can not remember that part of the dream, I just remember waiting in the lobby area and there was no one else in this building with me, and so I looked outside and daydreamed as I waited for my brother GC who was taking too long to shop.

It was getting darker and time was running out or time was up, we were supposed to be leaving the city with our parent’s, and at some point it was late at night (maybe 11:something PM) when my brother GC finally finished shopping.

I told my brother GC that our parent’s had probably already left the city and that we would not be able to catch up with them in time even if we drove in my automobile, and so we would have to either just drive to the other city ourselves and meet them there or not go at all.

I wanted to drive to the other city and meet our parent’s there but my brother GC did not, and my brother GC started walking across the street carrying his bags of stuff he bought down to a fictional multi-story motel-like building across from maybe W Park so I followed him.

We walked up the stairs to an upper floor to one of the rooms, my brother GC had a key, and so either this was a motel room and he had already paid for a room for the night or this was motel-style apartment that he had a key for.

My brother GC opened the door, it seemed that we were going to spend the night in this motel or motel-style apartment room, but I am not sure what we were going to do the next morning.

I remember suggesting that we watch some films or something, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at a fictional building where the former school building that my uncle CC works at across the street from the former First B Church building which is now temporarily a courthouse should be, but I am not sure what kind of building it was but it seemed somewhat like a summer school and/or camp-like place where there were a variety of children of various ages (up to age 18 maybe) and adults there.

I remember being there and there seemed to be many parent’s and families and other people visiting, and the First Lady Of The United States Michelle Obama and maybe The President Of The United States Barack Obama were supposed to be visiting and maybe one or more of their daughters (Malia Obama and Sasha Obama) was already there like maybe she/they went to this school/camp or whatever it was or she/they were already there visiting.

I remember being outside with groups of people, I remember seeing my former male classmate AH lined up with the children like he was with them and he seemed to be maybe high school age(d) again, and First Lady Michelle Obama was there but I can not remember if President Barack Obama was there at some point or not (either he was there but he left or he had not arrived yet or he was not able to attend, but I can not remember but I know that he was at least mentioned during the dream).

First Lady Obama and the rest of us went inside at some point, it seemed almost like we all were touring the property and that this was a special event where people could visit but I am not sure, and I assume that the Obama’s or just First Lady Michelle Obama were the special guests.

People were having a good time and First Lady Obama was visiting with people and the children, but First Lady Obama got a phone call or message.

I remember seeing First Lady Obama’s facial expression and body language change from positive to negative like something terrible had happened, I think that I heard something about something bad happening to a girl or some girls who I assumed were either one or more of the children/students/whoever from this place (who were somewhere else at this time) and/or one or both of her daughters (Malia Obama and Sasha Obama), and First Lady Obama left in a hurry | panic like this was an emergency.

First Lady Obama ran outside and she got into a sports car, and she drove off so fast and wildly that she turned a sharp curve almost flipping and almost hitting someone and/or something.

I assumed that maybe something happened to one or both of her daughters for her to react like that, I had not idea but that was my wild guess, but I woke up as I stood in the doorway watching this and thinking.

The end,

-John Jr

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