John Jr’s Dream Blog Featured On Bing News (MSN News | Cortana News)

MSN News - Martial Arts - Someone Is Murdering Martial Arts Masters - John Jr's Dream Blog.png
Source: MSN News App

Today on my post called Someone Is Murdering Martial Arts Masters I had a comment from Wendigo Runner (@WendigoRunner): :

Well that’s cute.

Just FYI, this showed up in my Cortana news feed which I have following “Martial Arts”, in addition to some other keywords.

All it has is the title and the image.

After reading Wendigo Runner’s comment I decided to check this myself by looking up the Martial Arts Interest | Topic in the Microsoft MSN News (News) App on Windows 10, and what Wendigo Runner said was true.

My dream post was showing up on the first page of the featured news stories in the MSN News (News) App below a Fox News article which you can see in the image above at the top of this post, and through the news feed in the Cortana app according to Wendigo Runner.

My post is also currently showing up on the first page of Bing News if you search for the term Martial Arts: :

Bing News - Martial Arts - Someone Is Murdering Martial Arts Masters - John Jr's Dream Blog.png
Source: Bing News

This is crazy and interesting and funny and slightly disturbing, I guess Microsoft’s algorithm goofed | messed up on this one (well my first dream in that post was about martial arts, but it was only a dream and not a news article), but at least I get some free publicity and an interesting story to tell.😀

Hopefully most people reading that dream post will realize that those were just dreams that I had when I was sleep, and that none of that happened in the real world.

When I type my dreams I have them categorized as dreams and I try to add at least one dream related tag when possible, and I try to make it clear that they are dreams in the posts themselves by labeling them as dreams and saying that they are dreams in the first sentence of each dream in each post when possible so that people will not think that these are real events.

I used to also title my posts to make it clear that they are dreams, but I recently stopped doing that because it made my titles too long and strange-looking and it seemed to keep most readers away.

I also hope that people do not think that my blog is a fake news website because it is not, and I noticed that on Web Of Trust (WOT | MyWOT | WOT Services) some people were giving my blog negative ratings (rating my blog as scam, misleading claims, unethical, et cetera) like they did not realize that most of my posts are dreams and they mistakenly assume that I mostly talk about real life events so they falsely assume that my blog is mostly lies not realizing that most of my posts are dreams:

Even the name | title of my blog is currently John Jr’s Dream Blog and my blog tagline is currently Dreams In The Time Of Sleep and even my About Page makes this clear, and so I am not sure why some people still do not realize that most of my posts are dreams.

I would like to thank Wendigo Runner (@WendigoRunner) for letting me know about this, I would not have known about this otherwise. 🙂

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


    1. Thank you True George. 🙂

      I am no expert on this and so I could be doing this all wrong but when it comes to tagging and categorizing my posts I simply use one category and no more than 14 tags because if the number of categories and tags combined exceed 15 your post will not show up in the Reader, and search engines will rank your posts lower and/or will not show them at all.

      I only use a few categories on my blog and I usually use more general/broad/common words for my categories (if you look at my Categories widget you will see all of the categories that I am currently using), and for tags I use a combination of general/broad/common words and more specific words for content in my posts using what I call the Wikipedia method to help me decide on how to name some of my tags.

      My tagging method is simply decided which 14 or less words and names and topics et cetera in my posts are the most important, I type some of them in Wikipedia to see what articles they direct to and usually I will use the word that is used in the title of the Wikipedia articles to help me decide on naming that tag, and that helps me to pick the more common version of words/names/et cetera.

      For example for your post Real Rats Of N.Y.C I would have probably used the category Miscellaneous (because that is my random/generic/whatever category because most of my posts are dreams), and I probably would have used some of these tags: Rats or Rat, Big Apple, New York, New York City, Carlton Banks, Trash or Garbage, Screaming, Trash Can or Garbage Can, Embarrassment, Pit Bull, Eye Contact, Cat or Cats, Neutering, and Leash.

      I do not always agree with the version of a word that Wikipedia uses, I only use it as a guide, and sometimes I just use a google search or I will look on another website like Wikia to help me when Wikipedia does not have an article for a word or when I do not agree with any of Wikipedia’s versions of a word.

      In the past when had Zemanta I used to let Zemanta pick my tags for me, which was a big mistake because it would pick too many tags and many of them were not even things mentioned in my posts, and so most of my old posts before 2015 are terribly tagged compared to now and many of those old posts will probably not show up in the Reader and will show up lower in search engine results or not at all; and so I try to fix old posts when I see that someone has viewed one of those old posts when I check my Stats each day.

      Anyway I am no expert, and so here are some recommendations from The Daily Post in four posts from 2013 and 2014 and 2015 and 2016:

      Good luck,
      -John Jr

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