Walking In A Future Dystopian Militarized Totalitarian Version Of The City Of D

Unfortunately I have forgotten some of this interesting dream from last night after waking up to use the bathroom and I got distracted by continuing to work on fixing some computers that I had been working on until very late last night (early this morning), and so I never did go back to sleep or get enough sleep and I did not voice record my dream until I had forgotten some of it.

All that I can remember now of this dream from last night is walking around a multi-story multi-purpose building, my memory of this building is too flawed to make sense of the different parts of the building but some parts of the building included: maybe a shopping mall-like area, maybe a parking garage-like area, a restricted area guarded by fully armored militarized security and/or police and/or soldiers and/or SWAT with assault rifles, a nice large mostly open apartment where a female celebrity with whitish-colored skin who was maybe from Germany (German) lived, and various other types of areas.

While walking around this building I ended up walking to a quiet mostly empty maybe somewhat concrete area that somewhat reminded me of the parking garage-like area and/or it was not far from it, and at the back of the area I saw several militarized fully armored men (security and/or police and/or SWAT and/or soldiers) with assault rifles guarding a door and/or checkpoint.

They saw me and then they approached me very aggressively and they were mean and ready to shoot something, they pointed their assault rifles at me and they yelled commands at me, and they came close to shooting me but they ended up making me leave instead after threatening me.

They were clearly guarding something behind the door and/or checkpoint, I can not remember what they said to me or if they temporarily detained me and checked me for weapons or not, I just remember them pointing their assault rifles at my face and yelling commands and threatening me and warning me that this was a restricted area before they made me leave.

The next thing that I remember is being outside, this entire dream seemed to be taking place in the future, and this dream world seemed to be maybe the city of D in the future.

And this dream world seemed like a somewhat future dystopian militarized totalitarian et cetera version of the city of D where there was a lot of somewhat futuristic militarized security and/or police and/or SWAT and/or soldiers wearing full mostly black armor and outfits with assault rifles guarding various places, mass surveillance with cameras et cetera scattered around and uniformed men wearing futuristic maybe light-grey and white uniforms watching and maybe working as bureaucrats but I am not sure who they were but they seemed to be supervising and making sure people were following rules and filling out proper forms et cetera like things were heavily controlled by the government now, there were various construction projects going on building futuristic buildings, and things looked gloomy and literally darker outside and many buildings were painted in black and darker colors and things looked a bit cleaner and organized but also rougher and oppressive.

I was walking through maybe the downtown area of the city of D with my parent’s and maybe one of my brothers, things literally looked darker outside so I am not sure what time of day it was, and it was sad seeing how things were now.

Things seemed so militarized and controlled like the government was very worried about terrorism or something and about controlling and monitoring everyone et cetera, and the security looked mean and ready to shoot something just like the security from earlier in the dream.

I told my family to be careful and walk through this area trying to not draw their attention, and we were on our way to the multi-story multi-purpose building from earlier in the dream.

We took a longer route through some narrow alleys between buildings downtown, these alleys probably were not under surveillance and no one was around and the taller buildings made these alleys more private, and so I was able to relax and talk freely here as I talked about and complained about how things were now.

Eventually we reached the building and I walked around with my family showing them around areas that I had explored earlier in the dream, and I warned them about the restricted area and I told them about how the security almost shot me and how they threatened me at gunpoint.

At some point I was no longer with my family and I have no idea what happened to them, and I remember entering the nice large mostly open apartment of the female celebrity who was from maybe Germany (German) who seemed to be slightly inspired by the character Astrid from the second season of the television series Humans.

She was having what seemed to be a Q&A (questions and answers) with some of her fans, her apartment was very nice with many windows along at least half of the apartment giving you a view of the city below, and this event was taking place in the middle of this mostly open apartment in a bar/restaurant-like living room-like area.

There was a large maybe multi-story somewhat chandelier-like and wooden structure in the middle of this area that she could walk and stand on so that she could walk around it in circles as she talked giving her a good view of everyone around the room, and she also climbed and played around on it.

I remember her explaining how she had this apartment built and/or remodeled recently, and she explained the various design decisions and the stories behind everything so I guess one of her fans asked her about this.

She also talked about her life and her work and where she was from, maybe she was a musician but I can not remember, and she seemed to be a laid back and relaxed creative and free-spirited type person who believed in following your own path in life.

She was obviously against a lot of what was going on in this dream world, and she probably expressed this in her work (maybe music).

This was an interesting and intimate experience being inside someone’s home as they answered questions in front of an audience, and she gave some interesting and deep answers while exploring herself honestly and even critiquing herself and her life.

I wish that I could remember more details because this part of the dream was very detailed and her mostly open apartment was like its own small world, and it was a positive and open and brighter place than some of the rest of this dream world.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream now.

The end,

-John Jr

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