The Book Of Revelation & Doctor Jeremy Jahns Changes Into Dana Scully?

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I went to bed late last night and I had to wake up early so I did not get enough sleep, I was awakened because it was getting too hot because someone turned the heater on too high, and I have been sleeping better and/or differently I guess since I got some SnoreCare anti-snore (snoring) nose vents for Christmas from my brother GC which seems to be stopping my snoring to my surprise so I can only remember part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it was probably partly inspired by a YouTube video that I watched last night called Top 10 WORST Movies 2016 by the YouTuber named Jeremy Jahns.

During the dream I remember being inside a building that was like a combination of The E House and a Big Lots-like store, and when I went into the kitchen in the house part of the building I saw one of my former female classmates who had light-to-medium brownish-colored skin with dark-hair who used to wear long skirts (probably for religious reasons) who was probably a devote Christian (maybe her name was AK, but I can not remember) was in the kitchen.

Somehow we started talking about The Bible and Christianity, we started talking about The Book Of Revelation, and how it used to be my favorite book in the bible and how it was confusing and interesting and full of symbolism and mysterious et cetera.

We continued our conversation as we walked to and/or through the middle bedroom of the house, maybe in this room while we were still talking we noticed a strange multi-colored (maybe green, yellow, orange, and maybe one or more colors) maybe alien-like frog/one or two other non-human animals combined (almost like a more maybe frog-like Mogwai from the Gremlins films) toy or toy-like creäture that could move and probably make sounds and/or talk.

We assumed that it was an advanced toy but it somewhat seemed alive, we did not know what it was but we assumed that maybe it came from the store part of the building, and it looked somewhat cute but strange and somewhat alien.

My former classmate AK wanted to keep it but she needed some time to think about it, we walked and talked to the store, and the toy or toy-like creäture probably followed us.

In the store area a woman saw the toy or toy-like creäture and she picked it up because she thought that it was cute, and then her and a man with her took it to the furniture section to sit on some furniture and play with it and they wanted to keep it.

My former classmate AK decided that she wanted to keep it but the other people wanted it too now, we had found it first so I told her that we could politely tell the other two people that we found it first and that it was following us when they picked it up, and that my former classmate AK wanted it but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

I am not sure if this part of the dream took place before the earlier part of the dream or after it, either way, in this part of the dream I went to a doctor’s appointment.

While I was being examined by the doctor I noticed something strange on my arm in the area between the upper arm and forearm where blood is usually drawn from, but I and the doctor were not sure what it was exactly.

We were not sure if it was irritation or a rash or scar or cut or infection or parasite or skin disease or fungus or what it was exactly, it looked strange like a combination of those things or more, and the next thing that I remember is going to another doctor’s appointment with my brother CC but this time it was a new doctor and I was going to ask his opinion about what this strange thing on my arm was.

My brother CC and I were waiting in the examination room for the doctor when the doctor entered the room, and oddly the doctor was the YouTuber Jeremy Jahns from YouTube.

For some unknown reason(s) the examination room was poorly lit, also Jeremy Jahns did not seem to be that good of a doctor, and so he was having difficulties seeing the thing on my arm because of the lighting and the position that I was sitting in and that he was standing in so I had him turn on the lights all the way and I changed sitting positions so that he could see the thing on my arm.

After this Jeremy Jahns was finally able to start seeing the thing on my arm and was examining it trying to figure out what it was and what to do about it, while he was looking at my arm I remember the thing on my arm being a reddish color almost like there was dried blood on it, but then I started to see what seemed to be fresh blood.

I quickly realized that it was not my blood and I looked up to see that Jeremy Jahns now looked and maybe sounded like the character Dana Scully (played by the actress Gillian Anderson) from The X-Files but I am not sure if he had changed just then or at some point before this when I was looking at my arm and not at him, oddly I probably did not notice this change or I did not find this change to be strange enough to realize that I was dreaming, and I possibly still knew that this was supposed to be Jeremy Jahns even though he now looked and maybe sounded like Dana Scully but I can not remember if he sounded like her or like himself.

I saw that the blood was not my blood and that it was Jeremy Jahns’/Dana Scully’s blood, and he/she was bleeding from the top of his/her head and I could see the area in his/her scalp in his/her orangish-colored hair where the blood was dripping from.

I told Jeremy Jahns/Dana Scully that he/she was bleeding from the head, and then we both rushed from the room trying to get something to stop the bleeding and I started yelling for help.

Some nurses and/or doctors walking through the hall stopped to see what was going on, but at this point Jeremy Jahns/Dana Scully had found something to apply pressure to his/her head and the bleeding had stopped so he/she was okay now so we let the others know that things were under control now.

Doctor Jeremy Jahns/Dana Scully told me that sometimes he/she bleeds like this, if he/she is not able to bleed from a certain area that I can not remember, then the blood will come out of a different area like the head or somewhere else.

Doctor Jeremy Jahns/Dana Scully told me that it usually stops bleeding quickly and that it is nothing serious, he/she just needed a moment to finish cleaning up the blood, and then we would continue my medical examination but I woke up as I was walking back to the examination room with my brother CC.

The end,

-John Jr

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Sounds very interesting! I look forward to reading more. Are you familiar with the Astrology / Nostradamus interpretation of the Four Horsemen? (i.e. the “Four Horsemen” are tied to the Four Fixed Signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, particularly the 15 degree point of those signs (which are associated with the “Cross Quarter Days”))


Good, I will check your post out, thank you Grandtrines.

Besides the reblogs and no comments on posts previously reblogged the other things that made me think that was that you have so many blogs, and some of them are using ancient themes that are not responsive (I recommend using themes that were made after the Twenty Thirteen theme was made because most themes after that are responsive, and will adjust depending on the size of the screen that the viewer is viewing from) and have some problems showing up properly (like your menu on that blog having many items that blur together so you can no read most of them) and some of them are set up in a way that remind me of some of those bot-like blogs. 😉

-John Jr

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Interesting commentary. I hesitate to adjust the theme on Grandtrines because it has been constant since 2008, and I suspect my readers expect it. Beyond that, I prefer minimalist themes on a paper-white background. I have even written, some, about “blogs gone wrong” that try too many tricks and simply become an unreadable mess. You can also read more of my writing, and my thoughts about blogging as a more “serious” endeavor here: and here: and here: and here:


I think that it is a good idea to change themes at least once a year keeping up with the newest themes because web standards change and new features are added, and I just think that a change at least once a year can be helpful to freshen things up.

There is nothing wrong with minimalist themes with paper white backgrounds, if you like that style, I recommend switching to the Twenty Sixteen theme ( for your blogs until the Twenty Seventeen theme is released.

Twenty Sixteen was the default WordPress theme for last year, they come out with a new one each year, and it was a minimalist theme with a default color scheme that fits your description and it is one of the best free themes released since it was first released.

I agree that some people do mess up their blogs.

Some of those older themes just do not hold up for our current time period especially as more people view our blogs from mobile devices, and so switching to current themes can be beneficial to our viewers.

I will check out those posts, thank you.

Good luck,
-John Jr

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