Buying Humanoid Robots For My Brothers GC & CC

I just realized that I did not type my dreams today, and so I will try to type this fast before the new day starts.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the evening or night when it was dark, I remember being outside my parent’s yard near The G House, and my male cousin DE gave me some food and I probably ate some.

Afterward I remember wondering if my cousin DE had made it or not, if he did make the food then I did not know this before I ate it, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably took place in the future and it started either late in the afternoon or early evening, and my brother GC probably wanted me to go to a store for him to buy some candy and snacks and a humanoid robot so I drove to the shopping center near W Park.

The store was near where Subway should be, it was a small narrow store, and the front desk or front counter was at the back of the room with a woman with whitish-colored skin standing behind it with an office to her left with maybe her female boss in it (who also had whitish-colored skin) and to her right was a corner with some of the candy and snacks and probably the room where the humanoid robots were.

The female employee greeted me and I looked at the candy and snacks, I bought some, and then I probably mentioned the humanoid robot and then I guess I bought it.

The humanoid robot was human-size(d) and was made of metal and more bulky than the average person with no skin with no eyes (but it did have maybe a solid rectangular thing in place of eyes), and so it was clearly a robot and it was the color of metal and it appeared to be a more male shape and it probably had a male voice if it could talk.

I returned home with the candy and snacks and humanoid robot to give them to my brother GC, and after this my brother CC wanted me to drive him to the city of L to buy him a military or military-grade humanoid robot before the store closes.

I told my brother CC to call the store to make sure that they would still be open and to see if they would hold one of the robots for him until we got there to buy it, I also told him that we could go eat at Ryan’s Buffet afterward if it was still open, and while he was doing that I noticed something moving in the corner of the ceiling where the hot water tank is in its own little room.

There was a hole in the corner of the ceiling and there were bumblebees who had a nest, one of the bumblebees flew into the living room, and so I went to get some poison insect spray to kill it and the other bumblebees.

I returned and I sprayed and killed the bumblebee who got into the living room but the other bumblebees were gone, they probably went back outside for now, and so I sprayed the poison where their nest was.

I am not sure if my brother CC went with me or not but the next thing I remember is driving back to the store from earlier, some candy and snacks were bought for my brother CC, and I got to see the military-grade robot that my brother CC wanted.

I assume that my brother CC could get one because he is in the military, and the military-grade robot was mostly black (maybe some white trim and letters) and had metal plates for armor I guess and it looked cooler and less bulky than the one my brother GC had and it also looked like it was shaped like a male.

The robot was probably bought, but I probably woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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