Time Traveling Through A Dream Within A Dream

This dream from last night was an interesting and complex and detailed dream that involved a dream within a dream and time travel and waking up back and forth between a dream within a dream that jumped between the past and present/future, and so my memory of this dream is flawed and limited.

In the real world I got awakened at some point by a very loud and scary lightning and thunderstorm that sounded like Earth was under attack or something like someone was shooting meteorites and lightning bolts and energy beams or missles or something at the Earth, I could hear the sound of the lightning bolts crashing down from the sky through the air in detail like never before and exploding outside near the house multiple times like explosions or fireworks or gunshots or an airstrike.

During some part of the dream that I can not remember I remember hearing the song Pilots (On A Star) by Goldfrapp, and not only did I hear that song but I also remember seeing the music video or the song being performed by Alison Goldfrapp in vivid detail like either it was happening in front of me or in my mind but projected in the room where I was or something confusing and interesting like that so I was probably able to see things up close and personal like maybe a hologram or live performance or something like that and maybe I saw the lyrics for Pilots (On A Star) projected in the air as well and this moment in the dream had its own unique feeling(s) and atmosphere to it that I can not remember.

During this dream I went to sleep in a bedroom at a slightly fictional version of my parent’s house, some of my family members from my mom’s side of the family like my aunt DE and cousin EE and uncle EE et cetera were having a family gathering at The E House, and some of my family were at our house and throughout the dream some of these family members would come over to visit at my parent’s house.

I went to sleep in the dream and then I had a dream within a dream that took place in the past, at first I thought that it was just a dream but then I realized or felt that I had somehow time traveled back in time through this dream (I did not realize that this was a dream within a dream, and so when I would wake up I did not know that I was still dreaming in the original dream world), and so the dream never went lucid because I assumed that this was no longer a dream and that I was really back in the past like I had somehow used the dream to time travel so I assumed that I could move between the past and present/future by using dreams as a portal or time machine or whatever.

I was back in a fictional past where I was supposed to be in high school again I assume, some other high school students and I got an opportunity to spend a week or more at a fictional version of MS University that looked more like the D High School combined with a college, but we had to sign up and pay so our families and us were there for a tour and to sign up and pay et cetera.

I remembered this fictional past so I knew some of the things that were going to happen and I wanted to change some things, my parent’s and maybe one or more of my brothers were there with me, and I remember us going on the tour.

I probably told my family about how I had somehow time traveled here through a dream, I proved this by predicting things that would happen, and throughout this dream I woke up back to the first dream several times during the dream thinking that it was the real world and I would talk to my brother GC and some of my family members who were visiting before going back to sleep and returning to the past through the dream within a dream.

There was a part in the dream that I can not remember involving a boy with whitish-colored skin with red hair and freckles who looked like a bully and bad kid and future killer and somewhat like a real-life Chucky from the Childs Play films, I knew that he had done something terrible to one or more people I knew and/or I, and so this time I wanted to stop him now that I was back in the past and could change things.

I forgot to mention that during the dream I assumed that changing things in this version of the past would not effect/affect the timeline where I came from, I assumed that by going back in the the past that this would form a new and separate timeline that would not effect/affect the original timeline that I was from, but that is was only how I felt and that was my wild guess of how time and time travel worked during the dream and I never knew exactly how this was all supposed to work.

I think that the tour ended and we were supposed to take a break and then go to a building for the sign up and pay process, and so I used this opportunity to lure the boy with red hair to a building to ambush him or something.

I remember the boy following me like he was going to attack me or something, which is what I wanted, and I went into a building and I hid so that I could ambush him.

When the boy entered the building it seemed that he became afraid because he did not know where I was, I guess he sensed that he was in danger, and so he left the building so quietly that when I came out of hiding to try to find him I could not figure out where he had went.

I tried to find him because he needed to be stopped but my parent’s showed up and were ready to go to sign me up and pay so that I could stay at the college, I planned on looking for the boy later after this, and so we left to the sign up and to pay.

When we entered the building and were about to enter the room I remember seeing an overweight woman with whitish-colored skin with curly dark hair who looked familiar and I remembered her from last time, she slightly reminded me of Kathryn Presner from Automattic, and I knew that we would talk to her later and that she was nice I think and would help us later.

We entered the room and there was an overweight woman with dark-brownish-colored skin with black hair who slightly reminded me of my female coworker and fellow shelver at The B Parish Library Mrs. C who was handling the sign up and pay process for us, and so we sat down at a table with her.

During the process she mentioned and recommended paying for the meal plan instead of the included cafeteria meals every day, last time we thought that our only option was to pay extra for the meal plan not knowing about the included cafeteria meals, and so this time we decided to not buy the meal plan and just use the included cafeteria meals to save money.

She tried to convince us to buy the meal plan but it did not work, we explained that I had no problem eating the cafeteria food even if it was not as good as the food on the meal plan, and then I started to explain to her that I had time travel through a dream to hear so I wanted to do some things differently this time.

She thought that I was joking at first until I proved it and explained things in detail, she seemed like the superstitious type and like she was afraid that changing things in the past would mess up other timelines, and so she did not want to hear any more about it like she was afraid so I stopped talking about it and we continued the sign up and pay process.

At some point I woke up back into the first dream, a man with whitish-colored skin was in the room with my brother GC, and this man had been trying to invent a time travel technique and my brother GC was trying it.

Part of this man’s time travel technique seemed to involve looking at a bright glowing orangish and yellowish light almost like lava or something with your eyes closed, to form afterimages, but I can not remember the rest of the technique.

So far the man had been unsuccessful but he was still refining his time travel technique hoping to get it to work one day, he was so dedicated that he looked sick like something was seriously wrong with him, and it seemed that he needed to go see a doctor so we tried to get him to go but he refused.

I started to explain that I had successfully time traveled through a dream and that I could move back and forth between the past and present/future using dreams, I explained it to the man and my brother GC in more detail, and then the man started trying to use the information that I gave him to adjust his technique but the man started changing physically like he was infected with something.

The man started to look deformed in his head and skin and very sickly like a creäture and his arms became very long and his hands and fingers fused and his arms were more like tentacles, not actually tentacles but more tentacle-like, and we tried to tell him that something was wrong and that he needed to go to the hospital now  but he refused and then he lost control of himself and he started trying to attack us with his long tentacle-like arms.

I used and object to slow him down as we ran out the room and I closed the door to slow him down, my brother GC ran to the front of the house and I ran to the back of the house hoping to distract the transformed man so that he would chase me so that my brother GC could escape out of the front door and then I would escape.

I could not see if my brother GC escaped or not but I did get the transformed man to chase me and I had to throw objects in between us to block his tentacle-like arm attacks because he had so much range that I could not get close enough to him to attack and it was hard to stay away from him to avoid getting attacked, but I had to quickly run out the back door to avoid his tentacle-like arms.

I was not sure if my brother GC had escaped or not so I wanted to continue distracting the transformed man until I could confirm whether my brother GC escaped or not, but as I stood outside of the back door waiting for the transformed man to run outside after me I woke up in the real world this time.

The end,

-John Jr

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