Your Stats Are Booming! | January 2 2017

Today I got this notification from

Your blog, John Jr’s Dream Blog, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!

33 hourly views – 3 hourly views on average

A spike in your stats

I was not expecting this on the second day of the year, especially when has not yet released our Your Year In Blogging (Year In Review) or whatever for our blogs like they normally do every year but hopefully they will release this and I hope that it will have a new look, and the Twenty Seventeen theme still has not been released on yet but it should be released soon I assume.

I am still surprised that I have only been able to find a few people using the new Twenty Seventeen theme so far, and so far I have found no WordPress/Automattic employees who are using that theme yet on their blogs which is strange and has never happened before; and so I am wondering what is going on with the Twenty Seventeen theme and people (especially WordPress/Automattic employees) not using it as much so far as previous default WordPress themes?

I know that it is still early but the last several default WordPress themes were being used by some WordPress/Automattic employees before they were even released, but this is the first time that this did not happen from the various blogs of the WordPress/Automattic employees that I have looked at so far (the theme team and some of those who made the Twenty Seventeen theme and the founder and CEO and several other employee blogs, obviously there are many more employees that I missed, but the blogs that I do know about and check sometimes are those who are more likely to at least try the default themes each year).

Anyway, thank you,

-John Jr

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