Volunteering For A DNA Paternity Test

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I drove to a fictional city that somewhat reminded me of the city of L, I have been to this fictional city before either in a past dream or false memory, and I drove and maybe walked around several parts of the city including the countryside.

At some point during the dream I parked in a parking lot of maybe a restaurant, there were people going inside the restaurant, and maybe I wanted to find a hotel and eat soon so I parked in the parking lot trying to decide what to do next.

Either I drove somewhere else or the next part of the dream happened near the parking lot, either way I remember seeing many people lined up in a park like an event was taking place, and so I walked over to see what was going on.

Among the crowd I saw some people I knew and then I saw a woman and possibly one or more people trying to get men in the crowd to take some probably free DNA paternity tests like they were trying to find who the fathers were for several kids (children) who were already born and some who were not born yet, and out of curiosity I decided to volunteer to take one of the DNA paternity tests even though I do not have any children and I may never have any children at this rate. 😀

One man volunteered before me so he went first, no one else volunteered after him and so I volunteered to go second, but I woke up as I waited for my turn to take the DNA paternity test.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that my mom, my brother GC, and I were walking outside at a college campus/hospital/maybe something else walking among a courtyard of grass and walkways and students until at some point I walked into a multi-story multipurpose building that was a college/hospital/maybe dorm or apartment building/maybe something else.

I was alone at this point and I remember walking through various floors, at some point I went to use an elevator, and when it opened inside of it was my former female classmate AH who looked like she was in a bad mood.

The inside of the elevator was a room that was like a combination of an elevator, bathroom, and maybe a bedroom and my former classmate AH had some stuff in this room like she was living in it or she just had some supplies with her for some reason; and for some reason I did not realize that I was dreaming.

I started talking to my former classmate AH and she told me that she was working with maybe some assassins and/or thieves who were about to kill and/or rob one or more people on a certain floor, the rest of her group would join the elevator from different floors as it moved up or down, and then they would all attack a certain floor of the building together.

Now that she had told me all this information I guess I knew too much now so she took me hostage, this was done verbally without any physical threats so I could have just ignored her and walked away because the rest of her group were not on the elevator yet, but she looked serious and in a bad mood and like she would really kill me so I decided to let her take me hostage because I wanted to avoid violence even though I felt that I could easily defend myself in this situation but I did not want to have to hurt or kill her in self-defense.

I decided to just sit there as a hostage and follow orders and hopefully talk my way out of the situation without violence, the elevator stopped on different floors with some of her group and random people getting on at various stops, and all the random people got off and/or were killed until only my former classmate AH and her group and I remained on the elevator.

I managed to talk my way out of them killing me, I remember working on a mobile phone (that possibly belonged to one of the assassins) trying to fix it and I decided to upgrade the operating system to the latest version, and so I assumed that I talked my way out of the being killed by being useful to them and fixing the mobile phone for one of the men in the assassin group.

They agreed to not kill me and they let me go, and the man who owned the mobile phone would return to get his mobile phone later.

They all exited the elevator on a very dark floor, this floor was their target or should I say someone living on this floor was their target, and I stayed on the elevator and I eventually left the building and returned home to my parent’s house after I finished fixing and upgrading the operating system on the mobile phone.

The mobile phone was fixed and upgraded to the latest version of the operating system but I saw an old maybe Sprint or Sprint-like logo pop-up somewhere so it was possible that I accidentally upgraded the mobile phone for the wrong mobile phone company and/or an older version of the firmware or something was installed by mistake, but I was not sure and so this worried me so I was going to have to wait for the man to return to get his mobile phone before I could ask him to find out if I had made a mistake or not so that I could fix this possible mistake if necessary.

It was night when I returned home and oddly the front porch was my bedroom and it was moved more to the right so now the stairs were to the left leading to the front door, and the kitchen wall provided some privacy for me on the left side of the room.

The roof only partly covered the back of the room over my head but the rest of the bed and room was open to the outside, and the front porch rails had no entrance but were still open to the outside so someone could climb over them to enter my bedroom from the outside so the bedroom was outside.

I got in bed to sleep but then someone rang the front doorbell, I went inside the house but I did not answer the door, and my mom answered the door and I went back into my outdoor bedroom to try to sleep.

I then saw my uncle JE sitting on the rail of my bedroom, and I greeted him and he said that he had brought my male cousin DE over because he needed to use the bathroom and we briefly talked before he finally entered the house.

I then noticed three non-human animals in my parent’s yard that I did not recognize: a cow, a llama, and a third animal but I can not remember what type of animal the third one was.

I walked back inside the house to ask my mom about the three animals wandering around our yard, and my mom said that an older man with brownish-colored skin who my dad knew owned the three animals and that he asked my dad to take care of them for three days because he needed to find a new house to live in for some reason (maybe his house was condemned and/or he got evicted or something).

I asked my mom how long had the animals been at the house and she said over three days, but they still have not heard back from the man.

I assumed that the man had probably abandoned the animals and probably hoped that we would take care of them now, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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