Stealing Money From A Company I Work For

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My sleep and dreams got interrupted several times during the night because I needed to use the bathroom and because I got too hot because of the heaters, I did not voice record my dreams each time that this happened and I did not get enough sleep because I had to wake up early for work, and so I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was working for a fictional company that was owned by some people or a family (maybe a wealthy family and/or mafia family but I can not remember), and this company owned various types of businesses (maybe casinos, restaurants, and more) but I am not sure what my job was or which of their businesses I worked for.

Some of my coworkers approached me wanting me to join them in stealing money from the company that we worked for, they already had a plan and everything, and I was against this because it is against my beliefs and I tried to get them to cancel their crazy plan to rob the company we worked for.

I am not sure how they did it but somehow they convinced me to join them in this plan to rob the company that we worked for, I think that they probably told me negative things about the people or family who ran this business (negative and possibly criminal things that they have done and were doing, how they have cheated us employees et cetera, how they had way too much money, and other things like that) and they gave many other details about the money that they were going to steal and their plan so whatever I was told must have been pretty good to get me to go against my beliefs and go along with something crazy and wrong like this.

I wish that I could remember what they told me because it is not like me to do something like this and I was even against it at first, and so I am confused and curious about what caused me to change my mind and do something like this in this dream.

The fictional coworkers who came up with the plan and who approached me trying to get me to join them included a man with whitish-colored skin, the actor Carl Weathers and/or a man who was like him and/or a combination of Carl Weathers and my former male classmate DH, and maybe my former male classmate DH and/or another person.

I agreed to join them but only with a very limited role so I did almost nothing, we started our plan during the day at one of the company buildings that we probably worked at, and the only thing that I remember doing is dragging the unconscious or dead body (hopefully he was only unconscious) of a male security guard where no one would see it.

I probably did not even steal the money, I was mostly just there and I did as little as possible to limit my role and I probably avoided learning of the full plan to further allow me limit my knowledge and role if we got caught, and so I did not technically steal the money but I was there and I barely helped indirectly.

I remember us moving through a courtyard between buildings with mostly glass walls, there was a non-glass building where the money was that we needed to enter but the male security guard was probably guarding it, and something went wrong so one of us had to choke or knock him unconscious and/or kill him so that we could get to the money but I can not remember what happened or who choked or knocked him unconscious and/or killed him (maybe me, but I can not remember).

This was either our only mistake or one of the few mistakes that we made, other than that things went smoothly, and we reached the money and it was taken and we left.

Later in the dream the company we worked for figured out that they were robbed so they started their own investigation, I am not sure if they got the police involved or not, and I guess they possibly suspected that it was possibly an inside job so they contacted some or all of my group and some of our other coworkers for a meeting in one of the main company/corporate offices.

They explained to us what was going on, I remember a thin well-dressed man with whitish-colored skin with short yellow hair with the company doing most of the talking, and they told us that they would question/interrogate us several times as a group and individually.

I remember them started their individual interrogations, I heard some of the questions being asked, and I tried to predict the questions and how to answer them without lying while also avoiding revealing that I was involved in the theft of the money.

I was somewhat worried but not too much, I did not make the plan and I barely did anything and maybe I did not even have any of the money yet (maybe the others had the money and would give me my part of the money once things were clear), and so I felt that I could probably get through this; and even if they figured out that I was involved I could probably make a deal with them in exchange for information because my role had been so limited that I almost did nothing illegal or wrong.

But I woke up as I was preparing myself for the various possibilities during the interrogations.

The end,

-John Jr

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