Crazy Aggressive Panhandling

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Last night I went to bed too late and I had to wake up early for work, my sleep and dreams got interrupted because I got too hot because someone keeps turning on too many heaters so I lost more sleep and could not really go back to sleep, and so I did not get enough sleep and now I can only barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, maybe the first part of the dream took place at maybe a store with some of my family and I shopping there but I can not remember, and I remember being approached by one or two boys with light-medium brownish-colored skin with short dark-colored hair.

One of the boys or the boy greeted me, and out of nowhere he told me that his sexual orientation was homosexual (that he was homosexual).

This confused and surprised that some random kid this young would just tell me this for no clear reason, I was so confused and surprised and not sure how to respond, and I ended up making my own strange response by saying that my sexual orientation was heterosexual and maybe I said something else that I can not remember.

The boy or boys then walked away and that was the end of that strange interaction, I probably told my family about it, and then the next thing that I remember is being at a fictional version of my parent’s house and yard during the day.

Some unknown people arrived including some children, the boy and/or boys from earlier in the dream were among them, and I remember telling them that I remembered them from the store earlier.

They said a few things and then they went to another part of the house and yard, I remember the front door being open, and later when the children and other people were gone I remember smelling feces so I walked around trying to figure out where the feces smell was coming from.

At first I assumed that someone was defecating in the bathroom, but then near the open front door I found trash and some feces on the floor of the house at the entrance area of the house.

I told my family about this, this was disgusting and unnecessary, and I assumed that one or more of the kids who were there earlier were probably responsible for this mess.

Someone was going to have to clean it up, there were probably other messes around the house and yard that also needed to be cleaned up, and so I went to search for more messes but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is being in an outdoor/indoor area that was a parking lot/parking garage-like area with an apartment and some stores along it, and people were walking around.

I remember a woman and maybe her boyfriend going to the woman’s apartment, but then a somewhat older man with dark-brownish-colored skin started walking up to people yelling numbers and questions and saying things like he was crazy.

I heard someone tell me to avoid saying anything to him or he would target you, and if you do say something to him they told me to say something that I can not remember which will stop him from targeting you.

I think that one of the numbers that I heard the man yelling was possibly 57 (fifty-seven), I started to think that maybe he was begging for money/panhandling (basically aggressive panhandling) and that maybe he was mental unstable because of some mental disorders, and so I probably asked him was he trying to tell us.

I made the mistake of not following the advice of the unknown person who told me how to respond to him, and so the man started targeting me.

It seemed that maybe he was trying to do the let me hold a dollar technique, but in a way that was unclear and crazy.

The man started targeting me aggressively as I tried to talk with him, he kept walking up on me yelling numbers and things aggressively like he was going to attack me so I kept backing away trying to talk him down and make sense of what he wanted, and I remember having a thin knife up my sleeve and I was slowly moving it in my hand and keeping it concealed in case I needed to use it.

The boyfriend or man with the woman who was about to open the door to her apartment started to act crazy too, like it was contagious or something, and he also started targeting me and yelling numbers and things.

I did not want to hurt them so I kept moving to keep space between us while trying to talk them down, and things were getting very close to violence so I was very close to revealing my knife.

But I decided to try one more thing to avoid violence, and I gave one of them $0.57 because I heard them say 57.

After giving him $0.57 he stopped acting crazy and started acting normal again, my mom was there and she gave me money to give to both of the men, and she gave me enough money where they each got $57.

I thought that this was too much money to give them, but my mom wanted them to have it so I gave it to them and so they both acted normal now without bothering people but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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