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Short Film

The video above is a short film and Vimeo Staff Pick by The Animation Workshop that I watched last year in 2016 called Untamed, and Juliette Viger is credited as the director and for several other positions.

Untamed was one of the best short films and films that I saw last year in 2016, I really like some of the jazz music that was used in this short film, and Pablo Pico is credited as the music composer.

I wish that they would release full versions of some of the songs used in this short film because I would like to have some of the songs.

Untamed takes place in New York City, the main character is a girl named Sally who lives with her wolf-father, and this short film has a mood and tone that is set by the interesting visuals and the somewhat slower frame rate of the animation and the music that makes a certain emotional connection and/or response with the viewer even though it has almost no dialogue except for a few people yelling something.

Untamed is basically a story about a relationship between a daughter and her father, what the daughter has to deal with, and some of the problems that her father has.

I think that this short film is worth watching, I liked it, and maybe you will like it too.

The end,

-John Jr


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