Larry King Visits His Daughter’s Class

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was inside a fictional house with some of my family, it was probably night, and this house was where my aunt JE’s house should be.

My mom brought my male cousin DE to the house, eventually he probably spent the night at the house with us, and the next day during the day I remember that my cousin DE had an alarm clock that he wanted the volume turned all the way up on.

My brother GC told our cousin DE that he had already turned up the volume all the way on the alarm clock, our cousin DE did not seem to believe him, and so there was a brief argument.

I remember leaving the house and so did my cousin DE, he was either going to The G House or going outside so that my mom could drive him somewhere, and I walked to where my parent’s real house and yard is.

Once I got in my parent’s yard two or three cars drove up outside our fence, one of them was possibly a blue Ford Mustang, and several young men got out and walked in our yard like they were looking for someone or something.

One of the young men looked a bit like Jimmy Wong combined with Gus Sorola, the oldest of them looked like the actor Justin Long, and the other young men had whitish-colored skin but I am not sure what they looked like.

They were in a good mood, they were very relaxed, they seemed ready to have some fun, and they seemed ready to do something reckless.

After looking around the yard they went to my automobile and they opened it, and so I asked them what they were doing and they told me that they were looking for my brother TD.

My brother TD was hiding inside my automobile to my surprise and he sat up in one of the back seats laughing, I assumed that the young men were some of his American football teammates and/or classmates and/or friends, and then the young men all got in my automobile.

The young man who looked like Gus/Jimmy got in the driver’s seat so I got inside my automobile as well, and I asked them what were they doing because this was my automobile and I did not give them permission to drive it.

The Gus/Jimmy-like young man told me that they were going to drive it into a wall that was where the fence should be by the alley where the pet cages are, it looked like maybe a brick wall with maybe some metal pipes, and I told him not to do that but he told me to relax and he started driving my automobile to crash into the wall with us all inside.

Right as he was hitting the wall he stopped my automobile suddenly when his head crashed into the wall, I am not sure how this happened if there was a windshield, and his head went through the wall like the wall was only a hologram.

Him and the others started laughing in excitement because this was fun to them, I was not laughing because I thought that we were about to die and that my automobile was going to be wrecked, and I told them that this was not funny and that we could have been killed.

He told me to relax and that the wall was not real, it was only a hologram it seemed and he put his hand through it to show me that it was not real, and so I guess in this dream world we had the technology to do this.

He drove my automobile back to where it had been, they all got out to go do something else for fun, and I told them to never do anything like that again and to never use my automobile again without permission.

The next thing that I remember is being inside a classroom sitting in a desk with other students, it was like the holographic wall that was in my parent’s yard was now possibly in this classroom, and it felt like this was an elementary school building even though my classmates and maybe I seemed to be junior high school or high school age(d) so I guess I was young again in this dream.

I remember needing to use the bathroom but I did not know where it was, there were several doors in the classroom that could have led to the bathroom, and so I asked some other students if they knew which door led to the bathroom.

One of the students looked like or was the Gus/Jimmy-like young man, he told me that a door to my left was possibly the bathroom but he was not sure, and so I opened that door but it was probably just a storage closet or something.

I tried several other doors without luck, I asked some other students including a young woman with dark-brownish or blackish-colored skin with black hair who somewhat reminded me of my former female classmate CH, but her and the others did not know where the bathroom was oddly.

Our teacher then entered the classroom or stood up and said something so I sat back down on the right side of the room near the front of the row, our teacher was a somewhat overweight woman with yellowish/whitish-colored skin with long straight black hair, and she told the class that we had a special guest who was here to listen as some of my former classmates read (I guess this was a special assignment or reading program or something like that).

She introduced our special guest and to my surprise it was Larry King, he sat in the front row to the left of me, and to the left of him one seat in front of him was one of my female classmates who had whitish-colored skin and wore glasses just like Mr. King and she wore khaki shorts.

She looked smart and she was quiet and nice and looked nerdy, I was actually interested in getting to know her and become friends with her and I wanted to visit her house one day, and then to my surprise I realized that Mr. King was her father.

I had heard that her father knew important and rich people but I did not think that her dad was rich or a celebrity, I also did not think that her family was rich, and so this was surprising but it also bothered me a bit because I wanted to become friends with her but if I tried that now it would seem like I was only doing this after finding out who her dad was.

This was going to possibly ruin my chances of becoming friends with her or at least make people question my motives, which I did not want, and so I hoped that I was wrong about that possibility because I legitimately wanted to get to know her before all of this.

Right before the reading started an event started outside, somehow one of the walls was gone so we could see and hear outside, and so maybe that wall had been the holographic wall from earlier or was another holographic wall.

The event was possibly sponsored by and being filmed by MTV, there was a field with green grass and maybe fig trees and maybe some other plants, and older students were jumping and goofing around and inflatable balls in the air and playing sports as the film crew filmed them.

I remember large maybe fig leaves falling from the trees, the leaves were about the size of someone’s head which I thought was odd, and so I wondered if the leaves were holograms or were they real.

A male classmate in my class started reading so I tried to listen, but the noise and event outside was distracting and many of my classmates were not paying attention to the reading and they were talking and laughing and being distractions too as they watched the event outside.

At some point when I no longer heard reading, I assumed that we were taking a break, and I got distracted by the event outside.

Something happened outside that I can not remember that made me laugh, but then I heard a young woman in my class reading.

To my surprise the reading had started back without me noticing because of all the noise and distractions, and oddly the teacher did not introduce each new reader and she was not trying to control the noisy class or do anything to help the situation.

I realized that Mr. King’s daughter was reading now, Mr. King looked angry and like he was ready to explode because of all the noise and rudeness and distractions while his daughter was reading, and I felt bad and I hoped that him and his daughter did not think that I was laughing at her.

Now that I realized that she was reading I tried to pay attention, she sounded nervous and uncomfortable, and her reading was pretty bad but I could not tell if it was because she was nervous and/or if she had a learning disability or something like that which made me feel even worse and more sorry for her.

She had her feet in her seat with her knees up with the book on her knees in a somewhat fetal-like position as she read, and oddly her legs were more hairy than mine.

At some point Mr. King could not take it anymore, he took the book from his daughter and he slammed it closed in anger in protest to the rudeness of the class and the distracting event outside and because the teacher did not try to help the situation, and Mr. King pulled out a lot of money that was layered in several envelopes.

I assumed that he had planned on donating the money to the class and school and maybe the teacher, but that he had changed his mind after what happened.

No one else started reading so I guess the reading program/whatever ended now, and then to my surprise and confusion Mr. King then turned to me and said: “Here kid, I want you to have this.” and he handed me the stack of money that was in several layers of envelopes.

I remember saying: “Wow! Thank you Mr. King, who do you want me to give this to.” and Mr. King said: “I want you to keep it.”, and then I said “Thank you, I do not know what to say, are you sure about this.” and Mr. King said: “Yes.”.

I was surprised and confused, why me, and I did not remember Mr. King ever looking in my direction earlier but I assumed that he somehow sensed and/or saw that I was one of the only if not only students who had tried to pay attention to the reading and maybe he sensed that I wanted to get to know his daughter and/or that he felt that his daughter and I were a good match and/or something like that.

I then asked “Why me?”, and then Mr. King started to explain why he had given me the money and I felt that he might invite me to his house but then subconsciously my mind/body realized that I needed to wake up for work so I instantly woke up before I could hear Mr. King’s response.

Which was annoying because I really wanted to hear his response, I wanted to ask some other questions, and I wanted to explain and apologize about when I laughed early and how I did not realize that anyone was reading when that happened.

The end,

-John Jr

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