Golf World And / Or East World And A Wedding Or Wedding Rehearsal?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

My voice recording of this dream mentioned something about my mom being in a parking lot (probably in her automobile), and then something about a place called Golf World and/or East World that was near or where the shopping center is near W Park in the city of D near where Save-A-Lot should be and/or it was in the second dream out in the countryside.

Golf World and East World were possibly two different places that were next to each other but I can not remember, they both possibly had grass and/or parking lots and one or more buildings, but I can not remember.

All that I can remember is that it was day and I was following a group of kids and young adults who were following an overweight woman with medium-dark brownish-color skin with black hair, we were possibly walking through and/or from Golf World and/or East World but I am not sure.

I was younger again, maybe high school age, and I think that my former female classmate AW was with us.

The woman led us to a church and we went inside the church, a young man and young woman with medium-dark brownish-color skin with black hair were here to get married and/or this was their wedding rehearsal, and they were family members of maybe my former classmate AW.

I can not remember what happened other than the woman’s sister (who was already inside the church waiting on us) getting angry with her because she got someone else to do something that I can not remember (it possibly had something to do with the wedding), and I remember that the young man and the young woman either got married or they rehearsed their wedding.

I know that more happened and that more was said, but I can not remember the details.

After this I went to leave the church, my mom drove up in the parking lot to pick up a kid or adult with special needs who was with our group, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place in the countryside, my family and I seemed to be living in a very small community in the countryside, and there was lots of grass and fields and farm land with homemade barbed wire fences separating each yard.

We only had a few neighbors in this small community, but we all seemed pretty close even though we were not related to any of our neighbors.

Golf World and/or East World were possibly in this dream, but I can not remember.

This dream possibly took place over time, maybe days or weeks or longer, and it involved community stuff between my family and the neighbors.

There was possibly a threat in the yard of the neighbor living on the right side of our yard, we possibly had to worry about and deal with that threat, but I can not remember and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Hope (Painting)

What is it?

The image above is of a Symbolist oil painting called Hope by the English artist/painter George Frederic Watts.

My Thoughts

It was a Wikipedia:Featured Article that was on the front page of Wikipedia today, and it caught my attention.


Welcome To Hoxford: The Fan Film

What is it?

The video below is a short fan-made film and Vimeo Staff Pick from 2011 that I watched early last year in 2016 called, Welcome To Hoxford: The Fan Film, which was directed by Julien Mokrani, and it was based on a comic book series called Welcome To Hoxford:

Short Film (Vimeo)


What is it about?

The main character of Welcome To Hoxford: The Fan Film is a character named Raymond Delgado (played by the actor Jason Flemyng) who is a dangerous and delusional prisoner and convicted murder / killer and former soldier with mental disorders who is so dangerous and unstable and out of control that he is sent along with several other prisoners to a privately run correctional facility and mental institution called Hoxford which is run by the Usmanov Corporation.

Hoxford is run by the character Warden Gordon Baker (played by the actor Arben Bajraktaraj), who is a strange man, and a terrible surprise awaits the new prisoners.

This is how The IMDb describes this short film:

Raymond Delgado is no ordinary prisoner…

On a good day, he’ll take the time to tell you he’s the son of Zeus before he tears out your jugular.

On a bad day, you won’t even have a moment to call out for help.

After a yet another “incident” Raymond has been transferred to Hoxford, a correctional facility and mental institution known for its radical methods.

At Hoxford, Raymond’s not the only predator…

Come nightfall, under a full moon, bloodcurdling screams pierce through the darkness of the prison courtyard.

It’s hunting hour!

As the other Hoxford prisoners huddle in the obscurity of their prison cells, trembling in fright, Ray cracks a smile.

He thrives on confrontation.

Lock a human beast in a cage with a legendary monster and, in your opinion…

Who will devour?

And who will be devoured?