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The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt today called Privacy, and this is what it said:



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And this is my response:


I would like to mostly focus on computer and online privacy with today’s prompt, and I will start with some simple online/computer privacy and security tips by Microsoft called Protect Your Privacy On The Internet:

I recommend following those tips from Microsoft in the link above, keeping your software/apps updated (up-to-date), using an ad blocker/general purpose blocker browser extension like UBlock Origin (uBlock Origin), using a free version of an on-demand backup anti-malware scanner like Zemana AntiMalware Free as another layer of protection to manually scan files/drives/devices before you use or open them and scan your computer/devices at least once a week, and use skepticism and common sense to help you protect your privacy and yourself and your computer/devices et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr


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  1. True George says:

    The gov’t isn’t the only one who wants to have you information…..

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    1. John Jr says:

      Yep, there are too many to name, and different groups want that that information for different reasons.

      Thank you for commenting True George,
      -John Jr

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  2. FLYNN B. says:

    Great! Thanks for the useful tip(s), John Jr. I quickly reviewed the MS link and it appears that privacy can be easily compromised if we aren’t vigilant enough to take extra steps to protect ourselves against intruders.

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    1. John Jr says:

      Hello Flynn,

      You are welcome, good and I hope that you found some of the information helpful, and you are correct.

      Thank you for commenting, and stay safe.

      -John Jr

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