Words Of My Father

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Years ago my dad was lecturing my brothers and I maybe after some of my brothers and/or I had been arguing or fighting or something like that but I can not remember, and he made a statement that my brothers and I thought was funny and that did not make sense to us (unless you try to think deeply about it, and find or make some sense in/of it; which I can):

If you can’t get along with others, how are you going to get along with yourself? -JC

Our dad often says things that do not make sense, accidentally says the wrong thing when he means to say something else, sometimes he uses words that do not exist, sometimes he pronounces words incorrectly and in strange ways, sometimes he uses words incorrectly, and so I might start blogging some of the memorable quotes/sayings/words/et cetera sometimes before I forget them.

The end,

-John Jr


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