An Evolving Zombie-Like Contagious Outbreak & Using Superpowers To Survive

I do not think that this continuing dream went lucid, I think that it was a normal dream and that it never became a lucid dream, but I could be wrong.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this interesting dream from last night is that I probably remember someone talking about The United States President Donald Trump and I remember being inside a maybe one-story multi-purpose-like building with different rooms and halls and areas, and I remember walking around this building.

Something that I can not remember happened where maybe the armed security for this building (who were well-armed and had light body armor, and were led by a bald man with whitish-color skin) and/or someone got infected by something somehow.

This person probably partly transformed, they still looked human but you could tell that something was wrong with them, and they went wild and crazy like a mindless zombie and attacked the others.

I assume that you would get infected and transform too if you get bit because the contagion started spreading fast among the security and those with them, and so the security started trying to deal with the situation.

The security had automatic weapons but they were getting over-whelmed fast because people among them kept getting infected, and they would start attacking too so the contagion kept spreading.

Most people in the building had no idea what was happening, the few that did stayed out of the battle or were told to stay out of the fight by the security, which was a mistake because the security got overwhelmed without help and most people did not know what was going on so it was too late for many people once they realized that there was an outbreak/pandemic quickly spreading through the building turning people mindless and wild and aggressive.

The infected people were not like normal zombies so they were not dead, they looked more human but they looked infected and strange in ways that I can not remember, and they were faster and more aggressive and more wild.

I remember the last of the security running for their lives and fighting at the same time around the building, the head of security was trying to order his team around and control the situation, but things happened so fast and he underestimated the situation until it was too late.

I remember running ahead of the head of security, who was the last of the security left who was not infected, and I remember him shooting tanks of water to slow the infected people down as we ran through the halls but it was not enough and soon he was attacked and infected too.

Then the situation got worse, people started realizing what was happening, and it was chaos with people running and screaming and getting attacked and infected and infected people running around attacking.

Imagine something like this scene from the film 28 Weeks Later with people running and trying to survive and it was everyone for themselves:

I remember running in the direction that most of the survivors were running, they were running to a hangar/warehouse-like area that was connected to the building, and it was open to an airport runway-like area outside.

The building was overrun by the infected people who were now chasing us into this area and outside, and I remember jumping in the hangar/warehouse-like area and I was able to jump higher than normal so then I tried flying and I could fly so I started flying to avoid the infected people as they chased and attacked people through the building and outside.

I flew away outside as the outbreak spread around the city et cetera, and during the dream I flew inside other buildings and outside.

The contagion and/or some of the infected people seemed to be evolving to be faster and stronger and to jump higher and to be more intelligent because at first they did not talk and they seemed mindless, but as it spread I started to notice newer infected people who started being able to make sounds and then some who could talk.

I also noticed newer infected people who were faster and stronger and could jump higher, this was a problem inside buildings because some of them would jump at me as I flew inside buildings with low ceilings, and they could almost reach me.

Flying was not the only dream power or superpower that I was able to use during the dream, as I started to meet more evolved infected people I had to start fighting back, and so I was probably stronger and I possibly could shoot some fireballs and/or energy from my hands if I focused hard enough so eventually I probably did one or more special attacks from the Japanese animated (anime) television series Dragon Ball Z like the Masenko and the Special Beam Cannon.

I also had telekinesis it seemed because I remember pushing and throwing the infected people by focusing and pushing my hands toward them from a distance somewhat like the force push from Star Wars.

At some point as I flew around avoiding, dodging, and fighting infected people I met my strongest opponent yet who was a very large muscular infected woman with whitish-color skin with short hair who could talk so she was not mindless and who was very strong and tough.

She was tough enough to take most of my attacks and keep getting back up, and so I probably had to use one or more of those special energy/fireball attacks to finally defeat her.

After defeating her I remember finally reaching a building of people in a city that did not seem to be under attack yet (in this building at least), and so I stopped flying inside the building but a woman with whitish-color skin with long medium-to-dark color hair ran toward me so I quickly moved away from her toward a room full of uninfected people.

The woman told me that she was not infected and that she just wanted my autograph, I assumed that I was somewhat famous now because of my superpowers and how I was using them to survive against the infected people, but I still kept my distance at first because I was still cautious of her.

The other people in this open rectangular room were busy doing other things, I assume that this area was safe for now because they seemed relaxed, and the woman continued following me trying to convince me that she was not a threat.

I eventually let my guard down somewhat and I stopped moving away from her so that she could get closer so that I could give her my autograph, we were standing near a man with whitish-color skin with short yellow hair wearing glasses and with a light-color short sleeve dress shirt and dress pants, but as the woman approached me I somehow realized that this was a trick.

I warned the man and I moved away from the woman, the woman then transformed and her eyes turned completely black, and then she tried to attack me so I jumped in the air and I started flying over large light-fixtures that were hanging from the ceilings in the halls.

This infected woman was the most evolved yet with her being the most intelligent yet and she could plan and use trickery, she could transform at will to hide the fact that she is infected, she could jump higher than the others, she was faster, and she was possibility stronger.

She was able to jump high enough to reach me so I had to keep dodging and using the light fixtures to my advantage because the ceiling was too low for me to fly higher, but I can not remember if I defeated her or if I just flew away outside.

At some point I flew to a larger city or to part of the city with tall buildings, and I was approached by a man with dark-medium brownish-color skin with short black hair who started talking to me and then maybe blaming me for something but I had no idea what he was talking about.

The man started to try to attack me, I told him that I did not want to fight, and so I jumped high in the air on top of one of the buildings; but this man did the same thing to my surprise, and so I kept jumping to higher and higher buildings but he did the same.

We reached the top of the tallest building in this city, I remember asking him what he wanted and why was he trying to fight me, and he was saying something but I still did not know what he was talking about so I told him so but he tried to fight me anyway and he had a metal baseball bat.

He then revealed that he was infected and he transformed and maybe his eyes turned black as well, and he was the most evolved and strongest infected person I fought so far.

We started fighting and he was taking hits and he was very strong, and he could jump almost higher than me but he could not fly or use the other superpowers that I had.

I remember worrying that eventually the newer infected people would evolve beyond my abilities and would gain the same superpowers as me or more, but I can not remember if we finished our fight before I woke up or I decided to fly away because I did not want to fight him.

Dream 2

This dream was a continuation of the first dream, but it did not start from where the first dream left off.

I was inside a building in a room with someone, and we were talking almost like maybe this was a radio show or something like I was being somewhat interviewed but I am not sure.

The person was probably asking me questions and things like that, but I can not remember the conversation other than maybe President Donald Trump was mentioned but most of the conversation was about the outbreak/pandemic/whatever; and during the end of our conversation maybe the person seemed to be somewhat blaming me for something like the last infected person I fought in the first dream did.

At some point this person transformed, maybe their eyes turned black and/or something else like that, revealing that they were infected and they had hidden this fact the entire time.

This infected person seems to have been trying to learn some things about me before attacking me by surprise but I am not sure, and so the evolution of this contagion and/or the infected was still happening so this infected person was able to hide the fact that they were infected even better than the others and this person seemed even more intelligent than the others.

While this infected person was trying to attack me they were explaining some things to me about how they probably have been studying me trying to learn things about me, my strengths and weaknesses and abilities et cetera, and how they were just testing me just now.

I probably started jumping and flying away, I assumed that this infected person would be the toughest one yet, and if they and/or the contagion continued to evolve I was afraid that they would eventually become as powerful as me and/or more powerful with some of or all the same superpowers like the ability to fly and then I would probably not stand a chance against them.

But I woke up as I talked back while trying to avoid and/or escape from and/or fight this infected person.

The end,

-John Jr

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