A House Dream & A Kellyanne Conway Interview

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that the end of the dream started as maybe a house dream, and maybe it started during the evening or night.

My parent’s, my brother GC, my brother TD, my brother KD, and I were living in a fictional one-story house with a fenced in backyard in a somewhat nicer neighborhood where the yards and houses of neighbors were closer than what we are used to in real life.

I can not remember most of what happened in this dream or during this end of the dream, I know that I talked with some of my family as we probably did normal things like getting ready to go to sleep, and then the dream probably continued until the next morning.

I remember watching television or video on the internet or something like that and there was news and talk about The President Of The United States Donald Trump and his administration, and then I remember seeing Kellyanne Conway (Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway) being interviewed by maybe a man with whitish-color skin as they sat down for the cameras.

I remember the interviewer mentioning a male friend and Donald Trump supporter with whitish-color skin who was probably close to the President Trump administration who had a popular alt-right (I think that is the word that was used in the dream) WordPress or blog or website, and he showed Mrs. Conway a video of this man openly admitting to and showing people how to get their own free WordPress or blog or website (he was showing them how to get paid accounts for free instead of just using the free accounts) through unethical and possibly illegal means while showing them ways to cheat and lie and get around the system and other tips like that.

His focus was probably on helping people start their own alt-right WordPress and/or blogs and websites, and to spread their message by cheating and lying and using loopholes et cetera and other things like that.

The interviewer was trying to get Mrs. Conway’s response on this, she managed to dodge and talk around the topic and focus on something else, and she did not acknowledge any wrong-doing or anything even though there was video evidence.

The next thing that I remember is looking out the back window or glass doors to the back yard, something that was said during the interview involved the word theft and/or robbery, and I remembered that a fictional version of our old house was robbed during the night while we slept.

A man entered the backyard and a back window to enter our fictional house and robbed it while we were sleep, and we found out the next morning.

We still owned that fictional house but now we were living in another house, that robbery affected us still so we were on alert, and had taken extra steps to prevent it.

I would often check the backyard and house to make sure that it was clear, but I woke up as I did this while thinking about that past robbery because that really bothered me.

The end,

-John Jr

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