Fighting A Transforming Super Triple H & Working On An Investigation With Sherlock Holmes & A Business Takeover

I am not sure if this is one dream or several possibly connected dreams, and so I will type them as separate dreams.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a gray day, and I was with several people including maybe at least one talking non-human animal but I can not remember.

We were being attacked by a super transforming version of the professional wrestler Triple H (Paul Michael Levesque) who was stronger and could jump higher and who could transform into maybe a lion and/or one or more forms or hybrid forms.

We were in a slightly fictional of the area where The G House is but there was a body of water, docks, several fictional houses, and several fictional structures on the water in this area.

Triple H was angry about something that involved his wife but I am not sure what, I assume that this was a misunderstanding and that we were being attacked by mistake, and I remember us mostly dodging and avoiding Triple H’s attacks instead of fighting him directly as we tried to lead him into a trap eventually.

During the fight we tried to calm the situation but that did not work, eventually I remember The G House or another house being on fire or something like that, and we probably led him to it as a trap and then we got out of there using maybe a boat or something like that but I am not sure if Triple H died or if he just got trapped in that area or what happened to him.

I just remember the other people and I going inside a cave/house-like structure in this area that was on top of the water like the other structures, and a man in our group was basically considered the leader of the people inside this building it seemed.

Inside we found humans and talking non-humans like a big strong muscular yellowish male humanoid with maybe more than two arms who reminded me of Goro from Mortal Kombat, and the Goro-like humanoid was fighting someone else like this was a battle for who would be the new leader because I guess they assumed that the man with our group had died or was not going to return (probably because they expected the super Triple H to kill him) so they were desperate for a leader it seemed.

The man in our group told them to stop and he demanded that they explain what was going on, they were surprised to see him, and they explained that they thought he was dead or that he was never going to return so they were fighting over who would be the new leader.

Now that he was back they no longer needed to fight over the new leader anymore, they welcomed him back, and then they apologized but that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream is that it took place during the day, there was an investigation/case that I had worked on with Sherlock Holmes (played by the actor Benedict Cumberbatch) from the BBC television series Sherlock months ago or longer that we still had not solved, and so we probably somewhat took a break from the investigation or I took a somewhat break from it because it was wearing us out.

I think that the investigation possibly involved a missing woman, but I can not remember.

I recently got a new clue for the case, it was an image of a photograph of a framed photograph of a person sitting on a table, and on the bottom of the framed photograph in the photograph was a name etched into a golden name plate and the name was possibly: B. Van Strauss (or Straussen) which was a name that was possibly inspired by an episode of the Japanese animated (anime) television series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure that I watched last night.

I felt that this clue could help us with our investigation so I went to or was in The United States so that I could talk to Sherlock Holmes about this because Sherlock went to The United States from The United Kingdom during our investigation, and he still had not left The United States even months since we somewhat took a break from it because the case was giving him such a hard time because he could not figure it out.

I found Sherlock outside the front of The E House which used to be our bus stop area when waiting for the school bus in the morning, and I think that his brother Mycroft Holmes was with him trying to make sure that Sherlock did not get too unstable and/or die because he was not doing good as he stressed himself over trying to solve this case.

Sherlock looked and acted terrible like he has been doing drugs, not eating enough, not drinking enough water, not sleeping enough, and just not taking care of himself because he was having a hard time trying to solve this case.

I told him about the new clue and how I felt that we needed to return to The United Kingdom to continue our investigation, for some reason I felt that this new clue required us to go back to The United Kingdom to investigate this new clue and to continue our investigation, and so I planned to go there myself and I think that someone else was with me but I can not remember who.

Sherlock was mostly out of it and was rambling to himself sometimes, he did respond to me though saying that he was not ready yet, and eventually I got him to at least consider joining me in The United Kingdom to continue our investigation and I felt that there was a chance that he would join me at some point once I leave back to The United Kingdom.

I briefly talked with Mycroft, I gave Sherlock some words of encouragement and advice, and I said goodbye and that I hoped to see him in The United Kingdom soon and I left.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream is that there was a business that was owned and/or led by a somewhat older rich well-dressed man with whitish-color skin who had a young son, and one of his highest ranked employees was a man who also was well-dressed and had whitish-color skin and a young son near the same age.

Both of their sons were possibly taken care of/babysitted by the same woman, and so their fathers and them were probably friends.

One day the high-ranking employee found out that the business owner’s/CEO’s son was possibly an illegitimate child, and so he used this information to plan a takeover of the business so that he could force out the business owner/CEO and block his son from having any claims of the business.

I have no idea why he did this but he did, it was a messed up betrayal because the business owner trusted him and considered him a friend, and at one board meeting he took over the company and he forced out the business owner and blocked his son from the company after revealing the illegitimate child rumor/evidence.

I think that the woman who babysitted their sons possibly went missing, and the dream jumped to the future years later and the son of the man who took over the business was now an adult and he ran the business now so maybe his father was dead now or just too old to run the business anymore.

I am not sure what happened to the previous business owner, but his possibly illegitimate son was also an adult now and he was poor and lower-class and was probably still trying to find out what happened to their babysitter from when they were kids.

It is possible that the missing babysitter was what Sherlock and I were investigating from the second dream or part of the dream was about, but I am not sure.

The son of the man who took over the business was in his office or an office on an upper floor of the building, he was different now than from when he was a kid so now he was like a greedy cold businessman like his father, and he had not contacted his former friend (the possibly illegitimate son of the previous business owner) since this dad took over the business back when they were still kids.

The son of the previous business owner burst into the building angrily and wildly trying to find out what happened to their babysitter those many years ago, and I remember him yelling and reaching the office of his former friend but security guards grabbed him and started dragging him away under the orders of his former friend.

His former friend claimed to have no information on what happened to their babysitter, he had been so focused on the business and was so cold now that he probably had not even paid someone to investigate, but the son of the previous business owner was possibly the person who got Sherlock and I to start investigating this.

The son of the previous business owner was disappointed and angry at his former friend, and he probably yelled at him trying to get him to use some of his wealth and resources to help find out what happened to their babysitter those many years ago as the security dragged him away.

This former friend started to remember memories from their childhood, he actually started to feel some emotions and disappointment in himself as he remembered their caring babysitter from many years ago, and he started considering paying someone to investigate this but I woke up as he was still thinking.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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