Having Class In The MZ Baptist Church Parking Lot?

I can only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, and the dream took place during a gray day in an outdoor/somewhat indoor classroom with desks and maybe a partial wall in the parking lot of the MZ Baptist Church.

I was a student in this class of children and adults including the actor Patrick Stewart, Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson Sr.), maybe my former classmate DH, a man with whitish-color skin with medium-to-dark color hair who was probably from somewhere in Europe, an under-sized girl (who the teacher probably nicknamed Little Suzy) with whitish-color skin with yellow hair who wore glasses who probably had a physical disability and learning disability, and more.

Our teacher/professor was an attractive model-like tall thin woman with whitish-color skin and long slightly curled yellow hair who spoke with an accent and who could speak another language that sounded like maybe she was from somewhere in Eastern Europe (Eastern European), and she somewhat reminded me of the actress Tricia Helfer at first but her appearance slightly changed during the dream to where maybe her hair got slightly darker or something like that but I can not remember.

During the entire class there were some students in the back of the classroom who were being rude and were talking non-stop as the teacher teached/taught, oddly the teacher never did say anything to them, and I remember our teacher walking around the room and by our desks as she taught.

Our teacher and one of the students, the man who seemed to be from somewhere in Europe, seemed to have some kind of relationship and they kept looking at each other and the teacher would call on him often and they would sometimes talk to each other in an Eastern European or some kind of other European language but I am not sure what language it was.

The under-sized girl in our class seemed to have difficulty understanding things so she kept asking questions a lot because she was often confused, I remember our teacher talking to the man from Europe asking him to help Little Suzy (which I think was a secret nickname that they both had for her), and this nickname and the way that they talked about her seemed a bit like they were making fun of her and like the teacher was tired of having to keep trying to explain things to Little Suzy so she wanted the man to help her so that she could focus on teaching the rest of the class.

At some point our teacher started talking about something with a strange-sounding name, I had no idea what that was or what the word was, and so I let our teacher know this.

She seemed disappointed like everyone should know what that meant and she explained that the word that she had said was Pre-fall, I explained that I thought that she had said a strange word or name that started with a G, and she explained that Pre-fall referred to before World War II.

And then she continued her lesson, I was interested to hear what she was saying, but I could barely hear what she was saying because of: how far away she was from where I was sitting, the rude students who would not stop talking, and because of her accent that made it a bit harder to understand her.

I remember Patrick Stewart looking angry and annoyed at the rude students, he could barely hear the teacher either, and he kept looking back at the rude students and looking at the teacher hoping that either they would be quiet or the teacher would tell them to be quiet but she never did tell them to be quiet so we both struggled to hear her lesson.

To make things worse our class got interrupted by Ice Cube and someone else riding bicycles and/or motorcycles and/or go-karts through the classroom while goofing around having fun and making a lot of noise, and this seemed to be them acting because this seemed be a scene for a film or commercial or music video being filmed.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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