When Marnie Was There

What is it?

The 2014 Japanese animated (anime) drama movie When Marnie Was There that was directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi and was produced by Studio Ghibli.

WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE – Official UK Trailer – From The Acclaimed Studio Ghibli

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this anime (animated) movie:

Sent from her foster home in the city one summer to a sleepy town by the sea in Hokkaido, Anna dreams her days away among the marshes.

She believes she’s outside the invisible magic circle to which most people belong – and shuts herself off from everyone around her, wearing her “ordinary face”.

Anna never expected to meet a friend like Marnie, who does not judge Anna for being just what she is.

But no sooner has Anna learned the loveliness of friendship than she begins to wonder about her newfound friend…

Based on the novel by Joan G. Robinson, When Marnie Was There is the newest film from Studio Ghibli, and the second feature film by Hiromasa Yonebayashi, the director of The Secret World of Arrietty.

(C) GKids

When Marnie Was There (2014) Movie Review

Final Thoughts

After watching Chris Stuckmann’s review of When Marnie Was There called When Marnie Was There – Movie Review I eventually decided to what this film in December of 2015, and my brother GC and I watched it.

When Marnie Was There – Movie Review

I probably did not expect to like this film before I watched it but the ending of When Marnie Was There connected with me so emotionally and personally that I had to stop myself from crying until no one was around to hear or see me cry, and when I was alone I started crying like a baby or as my former schoolmate/collegemate Bank (SJ) once said after he watched the film The Passion Of The Christ: “I cried like a man.”.

It was and still is the most that I have cried in years and maybe the most that I have cried from watching an animated film since maybe the Japanese animated (anime) film Grave Of The Fireflies, even several days after watching When Marnie Was There I would start to cry or almost cry if I heard the film’s theme song Fine On The Outside by the musician Priscilla Ahn:

【来日公演決定】Fine On The Outside / プリシラ・アーン スタジオジブリ映画『思い出のマーニー』主題歌

This is what I had to say about When Marnie Was There back in 2015 the day after I watched it:

Last night my brother GC and I watched a Japanese anime film called When Marnie Was There, the movie had good visuals/animation and good sounds and music and a more realistic feel/tone to it that is usually missing from popular cartoons/animations so you could almost forget that it was an animation, but it is a film with some problems and so it is a film that you have to watch at a certain time in a certain environment to enjoy it more and/or you will enjoy it more if it manages to connect with you personally/emotionally or else you might find it boring and too slow and unnecessary and awkward/strange and confusing at times because some parts of the film and the trailer for the film can be easily misunderstood and misinterpreted at times and because of some of the flaws in/problems with the film.

My brother GC probably did not like the film as much as I did and he started zoning out and doing something else as he watched the film, I had some problems with the film as well and I did not like certain things in the film like: how they jumped around sometimes leaving you confused, how certain things were not explained, and how they handled some of the relationships in a way that could easily be misunderstood and/or that could be seen as awkward and strange; but the film managed to keep my attention just enough as I tried to figure out the mystery, thanks to the visuals and audio and the more realistic tone and situations that can make you forget that it is animated, and I was a bit surprised at the end.

I had to hold back some tears during the film and after watching the film my brother GC went outside, the film reminded me of some things from my own life (I do not want to reveal what exactly because it would ruin the ending of the film) and made me think about what if something like this happened in real life and what would it be like, and this connected with me personally/emotionally (partly because of the use of dreams in this film, and my own interest in dreams) and I actually started crying as I was thinking about the film which is super rare for me to ever cry (I sometimes go years without ever crying, and only a few people have ever seen or heard me cry); but I held a lot of it back to avoid anyone knowing or hearing that I was somewhat crying, so I did not let it all out, and so some of it is still with me today.

I think that When Marnie Was There is worth watching at least once, just make sure that you watch it during a time where you are in the mood for a film like this, and when you are ready to focus and try to make sense of some parts of it; and when you are ready to cry.

The end,

-John Jr

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