What If & A Delivery & A Little Girl?

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, and all that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day.

The dream involved the past, present, and future with a group of people sitting at maybe a table inside a house or building talking about what if situations/scenarios and asking what if questions et cetera.

I can not remember the details of their conversation except for one part of their conversation where a man in the group was trying to decide which teacher or teachers to hire, and so he was asking what if questions and coming up with what if scenarios for each person who he was considering hiring.

The next thing that I remember is a man with whitish-color skin who had recently gotten a high-level job on a school board (maybe he was the new person over the school board) who was exploring what if questions and what if scenarios, and he had recently hired several people to fill several various school (teachers et cetera) and school board (school board members et cetera) related jobs.

The man was trying to figure out if he made the right decisions for each of the people he hired, he wondered if they were the best people for the job, and he also wanted to know if any of them would try to take his job and/or get him removed from his job to be replaced by someone else one day like he was worried about enemies now that he had such a high-level job at the school board.

The man was very focused on what if, so focused that after going over various what ifs alone and maybe with the group from earlier in the dream, he decided to go personally visit and talk to/interview/question/interrogate each person who he had hired.

The man then left in a futuristic spacecraft or aircraft of some kind maybe, my memory is too unclear, and he flew to each person who he had hired and he talked with them asking them various questions trying to figure out if he had made the correct choice in hiring them or not.

He flew to and visited several of these people but I can only remember part of one of the visits where he visited a woman with whitish-color skin with somewhat curly yellow hair, who he had hired as a teacher, and she did not seem/look/act/sound very smart and she did not seem like a teacher and she did not seem very professional.

She seemed like the air-headed, relaxed, chew bubble gum, twirl her hair and put on makeup, et cetera type who did not really want to be a teacher but she needed a job so she decided to try it; and she probably somewhat sounded like and somewhat reminded me of Harley Quinn.

I remember the man talking to her and questioning her inside her house, outside her house, and eventually in his spacecraft or aircraft as they flew around in the sky.

The woman seemed to have the wrong idea about what was going on, she seemed impressed that a high-level person would visit her like this and that he was giving her so much attention, and so maybe she thought that he was interested in her romantically so she was enjoying this.

The woman probably took advantage of this situation by having him take her to dinner and pay for it, maybe having him take her to one or more stores and having him pay for the stuff she wanted, having him fly her around various places that she wanted to see from the sky, et cetera.

During this he kept focusing on asking his questions, he knew that she was taking advantage of the situation and he probably realized that she was misinterpreting the situation but he was desperate for answers, and so he put up with it.

Eventually he finished asking all of his questions and he flew back to her house and he dropped her off, and he flew off to maybe continue his mission but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The last part of the dream that I remember is that I was in the dream inside my parent’s house inside the kitchen, someone rang the doorbell and/or knocked on the front door, and I saw a large cardboard box leaning against the side of the front door that was shaped like maybe it could have a guitar in the box but I was not sure.

I assumed that the mail carrier was delivering a package to us, but when I looked closer through the window I saw someone who I thought was my female cousin DE at first until I realized how small she was.

I realized that it was not my cousin DE, this person seemed to be a little girl who probably could barely walk or talk, and so this confused me so I went to the door to see what she wanted.

The little girl had whitish-color skin and maybe she was wearing a pink or red jacket but I am not sure, she was very small, and outside our fence I saw an automobile (maybe truck or SUV) parked but I could not see through the windows to see if anyone was in it or not.

The little girl probably said something to me but I can not remember what (she probably could barely talk), I assumed that she was delivering the package, which confused me because she seemed to be too young and/or too small to be doing this and I wondered how did the package get there so I started to wonder if maybe the package had already been there and that she was here for something else.

I wondered who or if anyone was in the automobile and why would they let this little girl do this by herself, I kept looking toward the automobile to see if someone would come out or show themselves, and I waited for the girl to leave or do something but she just stood there so there was an awkward pause as I waited there in confusion.

I wish that I could remember what the girl said, I do remember asking her what did she want and where were her parent’s, but I woke up as I waited for a response and/or for her to leave and/or for someone inside the automobile to show themselves.

The end,

-John Jr

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