My Cousin ME Shares Some Food/Snacks With My Family

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that some of my family and I were at a nice modern multi-story hotel I think, but unfortunately I can not remember this part of the dream but I do know that it was the most interesting and longest part of the dream and that it probably started in one day and continued until the next day.

Later in the dream I think that my family left the hotel but I was still there for some reason, maybe I was about to leave, and I remember my brother GC contacting me asking about some food/snacks that was given to us earlier in the dream.

My brother GC liked the food/snacks and he wanted to know who gave the food/snacks to us, were they free and if not how much was it, and where can he get some more.

I called our mom and she told me that our male cousin ME (I) gave the food/snacks to us, and she said that the food/snacks were from his job.

I remember thinking of one of my family members who used to work for Nabisco, this family member would sometimes get leftover food/snacks and share it with others, and so I wondered if maybe my cousin ME was working for them and/or a similar company now and I assumed that he was also sharing leftover food/snacks with others as well.

I told my mom that my brother GC wanted to get some more food/snacks so I asked for our cousin ME’s mobile phone number so that my brother GC could contact him, so she gave his mobile phone number to me, and then I gave it to my brother GC.

My brother GC texted our cousin ME about the food/snacks, but he replied with a vague text that I translated to possibly mean that he can not talk about this on the phone or on any other device where the conversation is recorded.

I told my brother GC this and that he would probably need to talk to our cousin ME in person, I assumed that he was worried about getting in trouble and/or losing his job for sharing leftover food from his job, and so he had to be careful.

I assumed that our cousin ME would talk about it the next time that he sees my brother GC in person, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


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