The Space Between Us & Accidentally Uppercutting A Female Classmate

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I think that this dream from last night was partly inspired by a Swoozie (Adande Thorne) YouTube video called Interviewing THE SPACE BETWEEN US Director that I watched yesterday:

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it involved the film The Space Between Us, and I was inside a mostly dark school that was only dimly lit in some places.

I was with a class of students including one or more of my former classmates, and we walked through some halls until we reached an open area that was a small open movie theater so that we could watch a film (maybe The Space Between Us, which I have never seen).

We watched the film and after we finished watching the film another class arrived so that they could watch it, and my class started going to use the bathroom and we decided to film our own movie scene inside the bathroom.

For some reason the male and female students were using the same bathroom, and the plan was that a group of students and I would enter the bathroom and another group of students inside the bathroom would attack us and this scene would be a huge bathroom fight/brawl.

We were acting so no one was supposed to really hit each other, and so we started filming with my group entering the bathroom.

A large female student who was basically playing the role of a boss from a video game walked out of the first stall to start attacking us, this would be a boss fight, and a she looked somewhat like my former female classmate TD.

She went to attack a female student in my group but I knew that she would not stand a chance so I fought the female boss instead, I remember doing a combination of punches (none of which hit her because we were just acting), but my last punch which was an uppercut accidentally hit her but it was not at full strength fortunately.

We stopped filming the scene and I asked her if she was okay and she said yes, I apologized and I kept trying to make sure that she was okay, and at some point her appearance changed without me noticing and she now looked somewhat like my former female classmate FS.

She did started to fall like she was going to faint so I caught her, she looked dazed so I assumed that maybe she had a concussion or something, I remember her joking that her husband might get the wrong idea if he saw us like this; and then a male student with whitish-color skin who was her husband entered the bathroom to help walk her out and he looked a bit angry but fortunately we did not argue or fight.

I followed to check on her, she kept saying that she was okay but she obviously was not, and so I once again apologized and explained the situation to her husband and recommended that they let a nurse or doctor check her out.

Her husband said that he could handle it from here and they walked off, and then I walked to the movie theater trying to find my class but it was too dark to see who was who.

I woke up as I waited and looked around for my class.

The end,

-John Jr

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