Zenni Optical Simple Rectangular Eyeglasses 234321 March 16, 2015 – January 24, 2017 RIP

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Today my cracked pair of Zenni Optical Simple Rectangular Eyeglasses 234321 finally broke completely after surviving over a week with only some clear tape holding it together as I wait for my new glasses to arrive.

The plastic around where one of the arms connects broke (probably from almost two years of the pressure of my round head because this pair of glasses was not wide enough for my head, and so I am surprised that they survived this long :D), and so I just finished typing last nights dream without glasses and I am typing this without glasses as I wait for the Gorilla Glue to dry and I hope that will keep the arm connected until my new glasses arrives.

Unfortunately my glasses will take longer to arrive because Zenni Optical is suffering from some kind of temporary delay issue or something like that, and so if the glue does not work I will wear my glasses with only one arm to hold them up as I may have to wait an extra week for my new glasses to arrive. 🤓

This time I bought an even cheaper pair of glasses from Zenni Optical, this pair is slightly bigger in most areas than my old pair, I expected to go even bigger this time but I decided to just try only a slightly bigger size this time to see how that works.

My new pair of glasses will be the Rectangle Eyeglasses 125116 for $6.95 plus shipping and handling, I could have gotten a bigger pair but the price would have been double or more than double for an even bigger pair, and so I decide to be a cheapskate and get the cheaper smaller pair to see if they can survive my round head.

Simple Rectangular Eyeglasses 234321

March 16, 2015 – January 24, 2017

Rest In Peace (RIP)

The end,

-John Jr


2 Replies to “Zenni Optical Simple Rectangular Eyeglasses 234321 March 16, 2015 – January 24, 2017 RIP”

  1. I’m assuming you’ll be getting the new plastic eyeglasses in blue color. Hopefully, the eyeglasses won’t cinch your round head too much, which is why I had to get one of those smaller flimsy flexible frames that light enough to fit around my round head, too, and won’t slip off my small nose bridge. Good luck, John Jr!

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    1. Hello Flynn,

      Surprisingly my new pair of glasses arrived today, earlier than expected, it was this pair in the color black with blue highlights/edges/whatever:


      I have only been wearing them a few minutes but they are wider and taller than my previous frame so it seems that my round head will not be putting as much pressure on this pair. 😉 😀

      It is good that you found something that works for you.

      Thank you,
      -John Jr

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