Planet Of The Apes-Like Humanoid Apes (Aliens?) & The Leader Of The World? & Zombies & Codes & Symbols?

*I started typing this early but got interrupted by Super Bowl LI so I have slowly tried to type this off and on during the Super Bowl with many distractions so expect errors and missing details and expect this to be poorly typed*

Last night I fell asleep on the couch for about two hours after my brother GC and I finished watching some Japanese anime, and I suddenly woke up from my dreams but I forget them because I got up quickly to get in bed and I went back to sleep and I had several more dreams during the night.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that some of my family and I seemed to be in another city probably on vacation or something during late in the afternoon or early evening, so I assume that we were staying at a hotel, and we drove around the city and did some shopping and then we went to a family entertainment center-like place (that served food, had arcades and other types of video games, and other types of games) that was in a small shopping center.

There was a sidewalk with a grocery store on the right side, the family entertainment center-like place was in the middle, and on the left side was a dinning area for the family entertainment center-like place.

We probably played some arcades/video games and games and ate, and then I remember going back to the dinning area to maybe make sure that we did not forget some of our food but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This was my most interesting and confusing and my favorite dream of the night that I can remember part of, and at the end of this dream I will type my own wild speculation about this dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that at some point during the dream during the day I remember seeing something, but I am not sure if this was a flashback or if I was really experiencing it or what was going on.

Where the A Plant in the city of D should be I remember there being a long and deep sewer drainage ditch-like thing separating one side from the other side, and on the left side of this was a building that seemed to maybe be a city government-like building but I have no idea.

This seemed to take place in maybe the 1960s based on the visuals of this scene and of the people I saw, I saw people with whitish-color skin coming in and out of the building, and they had maybe 1960 style clothing and hairstyles.

The next part of the dream seemed to take place in a different time period years after the previous scene so it was either the present or future for this dream world, I remember cautiously approaching from the right side of the deep drainage ditch-like area like I was scouting this area trying to make sure it was safe, and the government-like building from the previous scene was there but no one was around like it was closed or abandoned now almost like there were not many humans around anymore or something but I have no idea.

I watched from a distance cautiously until at some point I decided to walk to the building, but as I got close to the building some human-sized humanoid apes wearing clothing who walked on two feet like humans who looked like the humanoid apes from the older Planet Of The Apes films walked out of the building to intercept me by surprise.

They told me that The Leader Of The World or someone like that wanted to talk to me, and they led me inside the building and I went along with them hoping that nothing bad was going to happen.

I saw no other humans around as I was led through the building and I only saw humanoid apes, and I was led to a small science lab/office-like room where I was greeted by a male humanoid ape who spoke with a very proper accent that was possibly a somewhat English-sounding accent.

He was sitting at a desk and to his right was another desk where a male humanoid ape assistant/scientist was and in the corner of my left eye I saw another male humanoid ape standing guard behind me next to the door as he watched me closely, and they all wore clothes without armor or weapons it seemed just like all of the other humanoid apes I saw.

The assistant checked me for weapons and then the humanoid ape who was sitting at the desk started talking to me, and so he was The Leader Of The World or whatever they called him, and I was surprised that they let me stand that close to him like this so I tried to be still and avoid making any movements that would be considered aggressive because I was talking to The Leader Of The World/whoever.

I am not sure what was said other than that The Leader Of The World/whoever probably mentioned his disappointment in me like maybe he had expected more and his disappointment in/of humanity (humans) but I am not sure why exactly but he probably said some things but unfortunately I can not remember, I guess that I did not sound or seem as intelligent and impressive as he had hoped or something like that, and the assistant lifted my shirt and started wiping some kind of gel on my right chest and maybe one or more parts of my body like maybe he was about to hook up some equipment to me.

I am not sure what happened at this point (maybe they hooked some equipment to me) but the next thing that I remember is being with my dad, my former male classmate JC, my former male classmate PK, a man who looked like a younger version of the actor Gerard Butler, and several other people during the day and this possibly was a different time period from the previous two parts of this dream.

We were walking to the fictional home of the head (superintendent) of The BP School Board, who was a man who somewhat reminded me of Mr. H who used to be the supervisor of The BP School Board shop where my dad works, and he lived there with his family and this building also was the central office of The BP School Board.

This house/school board central office was a nice modern one-story house/building with many windows and glass walls and the superintendent and his family seemed rich, and as we walked around the house I started to notice that people in our group were slowly going missing like they were wandering off to explore on their own.

At some point we reached a dark room where we had to turn on a switch which turned on the electricity and maybe the generators in the room so the lights, computers, and other equipment turned on at the same time when we turned on the switch and I saw that some of the computers were using older versions of Microsoft Windows and some of the computers were password protected while others were not.

After this we went through several bedrooms, including the superintendent’s bedroom, and in his bedroom I saw a handgun on the nightstand next to his bed and we saw some framed family photographs in some of these rooms.

At some point we were walking down a glass hall that gave us a nice view of the outside when suddenly I started seeing zombies running toward us from the outside, and maybe some of them were chasing some of the people in our group who had wandered off outside.

Some of the zombies started running into the glass walls trying to reach us so we started running through the house back to the exit so that we could escape the house before they get inside, but then we heard them inside the house chasing some of the others who had wandered off.

I remember us finding a few of the others (like maybe the Gerard Bulter-like man) but some of the others were still missing like my former classmate PK, we tried the best that we could to get the word out to the others to run before the zombies overrun the house, and then we escaped the house but we all got separated outside as we ran to avoid the zombies.

I ran to a fictional school/college/apartment-like area that was like a fictional version of the D High School in one area, and there were students and other people around this area and I remember going inside a multi-story building and I was in an apartment-like room on an upper floor with a woman with whitish-color skin who was probably a friend of someone I knew.

I probably let the woman into my room as we hid from the zombies who were attacking the area, I remember sitting on a bed, and the woman stood on the bed approaching me oddly while talking like she was trying to distract me to get close enough to attack me or something like that.

My memory is messed up but I remember seeing the inside of maybe a hollowed out triangle that looked like the hollowed out inside of maybe some cheese, this was possibly inside the woman’s skull but I am not sure, and this meant that the woman was infected so maybe the zombie virus/whatever would eat away most of your brain until you turned into a mindless zombie attacking and infecting and/or killing people.

The woman then tried to attack me but I was ready and I defended myself and she ended up getting knocked out of the window or off the balcony, and she fell outside below near a parked train-like structure on maybe some train (railroad)-like tracks.

I went outside to see if she was okay even though she was infected and had tried to attack me, the woman was dying and/or turning, but she was still able to talk.

The woman had a white coated or lamented (maybe water-resistant) paper with black numbers that looked like codes and like programming codes and maybe symbols for maybe some unknown language like hieroglyphs or something alien, and it was shaped like a bracer on her wrist.

The woman told me to take and copy the paper that was wrapped around her wrist and she handed me two white paper pamphlets with black text to go with it that maybe explained the codes and symbols et cetera, she said that some others were trying to find it and at least one of them was near, and that it could not fall into the wrong hands because it would probably be used for negative purposes so I had to keep them safe and away from them.

I took them and the woman yelled for me to run now before they see me, in the distance I saw a man approaching who seemed to be infected like her but who also had not turned completely yet, and so I ran up some stairs on the side of the building until I reached the roof and then I entered the top floor of the building to hide in an apartment-like room (maybe the same one before) as the man approached the woman who was probably dead now.

I started to copy the bracer-like paper with codes and symbols and the two pamphlets, and I hoped to hide from and avoid those looking for them and to avoid the zombies attacking everyone outside but I woke up.

My wild speculation about dream 2:

Maybe the beginning of the dream was a flashback of an older time period from the past, maybe the end of the dream was actually the present, and maybe the middle of the dream was the future.

If the middle of the dream was the future that would mean that it was after the zombie situation so that is probably why I saw no other humans because maybe most of them were dead years after years of zombie attacks and the spread of the zombie virus or whatever it was, and so maybe the humanoid apes were maybe aliens or something who possibly had something to do with that or who were now on Earth and maybe in charge of Earth now that most humans were possibly dead and so I guess The Leader Of The Earth was the leader of the planet now.

The humanoid apes were possibly also looking for the codes and symbols that the dying infected woman gave me, The Leader Of The World/whatever was probably disappointed when he met me because he realized that I obviously was not smart enough to be the one who probably made the codes and symbols and I did not have them on me, and so maybe the gel that was rubbed on me was put there so that they could connect some equipment to me so that they could access my mind and memories to go back to right before and during the zombie attack to try to find out where I hid or put the paper and pamphlets with the codes and symbols.

So maybe the end of the dream was me reliving those memories of the past as they possibly had me connected to some equipment as they tried to find where I hid the paper and pamphlets with the codes and symbols.

Since I woke up before I could finish copying them, I never got to learn what happened after this point, and so I wonder if they failed to get this information from my mind or if they successfully got it?

Anyway, this was just my wild speculation about this dream, and so I could be completely wrong.

But I do wonder if those humanoid apes were aliens, and I wonder if that is what they really looked like or were they using screen memories implanted in my mind to hide their appearance and try to make me forget what happened or if my mind’s self-defense mechanism changed their appearance or something to protect me form the shock and/or if my mind made them look that way as it tried to make sense of things?

Dream 3

I think that this dream started with something about the musician Pauline Croze, I think that she was talking to several people including a man but I can not remember what was going on, but I think that this part of the dream was inspired by this video that I watched:

After that part of the dream the next thing that I remember is being inside my parent’s house, maybe I woke up inside this dream, and I walked to the living room because the house felt warmer like someone had turned on the heater unnecessarily even though it was not really cold.

I saw my mom sleeping on a bed or couch that was moved to the center of the living room, and the heater was on so I assumed that she had turned it on but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day in maybe a fictional version of the city of D, and my dad and I were in the parking lot of a fictional automobile dealership that was on the right side of the highway past P’s Auto Clinic.

We were picking up my automobile, which they probably checked and fixed because my check engine light has been on in the real world, and so we were probably taking it home.

Traffic was driving by and at some point I drove to cross the highway to the other side, but I turned too sharply and I was forced to literally partly jump out of my automobile to push it to the other side just in time before an automobile almost hit us.

I pushed the automobile to the other side of the highway to the side of the road because maybe it seemed that something was still wrong with my automobile, and so my dad and I started walking on the side of the road but I am not sure where we were going.

We were standing on the grass on the side of the road when we saw a white four-door maybe 1990s-style Oldsmobile car driving wildly and too fast up the highway toward us on the grass so we moved back, and it drove over where we would have stood.

I remember seeing a young man with brownish-color skin standing on top of the car with something that looked like a rifle (maybe an assault-style rifle) and he seemed to be dancing, several other people inside the automobile were goofing around with what looked like fishing poles/reels sticking out of the windows, and they started slowing down on a bridge over water like they were looking for a fishing spot.

They would have hit us if we had not moved, as I was still looking at them I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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