Your Stats Are Booming! | February 6, 2017


Today I got this notification from

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This will be my third post today, and I might have one or two more posts on the way today.

The end,

-John Jr


Super Bowl LI (51) & Forgotten Dreams

Yesterday before Super Bowl LI (51) started I did my normal routine and I started preparing a blog post for my staff pick for the film A Patch Of Blue and preparing myself for a complementary post that I will link in that post where I will share an experience that happened to me when I was in Kindergarten that had a great affect/effect on me and my beliefs and thoughts and behaviors et cetera on race and relationships et cetera.

I also started typing my dreams from the night before but I got interrupted by the Super Bowl and various distractions which took up most of my day yesterday, and so I watched the Super Bowl with my parent’s while trying to type my dreams during the commercial breaks while I had a slight headache.


Super Bowl LI (51)

File:Super Bowl LI logo.svg
Source: Wikipedia

I predicted that the New England Patriots would beat the Atlanta Falcons and win Super Bowl LI (51) by 31 to 28, Microsoft gave a 52.something % prediction that the Patriots would win, and someone (Chase?) from Double Toasted predicted that the Patriots would win 30 to 26.

I predicted that it would be a close game, but even I was not expecting some of the things that happened during that game.

I do not watch much American Football at all and I knew nothing about the Falcons this season (except for watching a Vic Beasley Jr (Victor Beasley Jr.) highlight(s) video on YouTube) but from past Super Bowls that I have watched part of I noticed that the Patriots are vulnerable during the Super Bowl because they are more predictable and they seem to usually not try as hard to win as their opponents, and so that is a time when they can be defeated.

The game started like I had expected with both teams stopping each other from scoring with good defense but I was not expecting the Falcons to figure the Patriots out so early, and I definitely was not expecting them to gain that much of a lead.

Even though I expected the Patriots to win, even I was not sure that they would be able to make history by coming back after getting so far behind, and I definitely was not expecting the first overtime in Super Bowl history.

I think that injuries and tiredness is what wore the Falcons down, and then the Patriots’ consistency and experience and them recovering their morale et cetera allowed them to slowly come back and win this game.

Both teams did a good job in my opinion, even though it seems bad that the Falcons gave up such a huge lead, I still think that they did a good job.

This game broke some records and made history, and both teams did a good job in my opinion.

The end,

-John Jr