John Jr’s Adventures In Wonderland

This dream from last night was an interesting dream that took place in a fantasy-like post-apocalyptic-like dream world and time period that somewhat reminded me of something from maybe Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, but unfortunately I can not remember much or make much sense of this dream so expect lots of missing details and possibly some errors.

To make this dream even more confusing I was possibly not myself at first or maybe I was not myself the entire dream, I was possibly another man at first or the entire dream, but I am not sure.

I remember the dream taking place during the day at an area that seemed to somewhat be based on the yard of The E House, there was a long one-story shotgun-style building in this area, and I (probably not as myself, but as another man but I will just say I to make things easier to type) explored some indoor and outdoor and indoor/outdoor areas in this area.

I had some knowledge of this place like: I knew that there were threats and dangers to worry about (like other humans, maybe humanoids, and creatures and somewhat strange and larger versions of non-human animals and some of them could probably talk), it felt like the humans who were left alive had to struggle to stay alive like the world systems/et cetera had collapsed or something, and I just knew certain details about this dream world somehow (unfortunately I can not remember most of those details that I knew now) like I had lived here or was somehow familiar with this dream world somehow (probably because I was another man and not myself, and so maybe this dream world was familiar to him).

I remember having to avoid and maybe deal with some threats inside the building, and when I reached the back of the building there was an indoor/outdoor area with a bit of land with grass with a tree in the middle with a small pond around the back of the land.

There were some statues of some strange and large creatures and non-human animals, something happened where a large female creature was awakened/whatever from statue form, and I remember her attacking some humans and/or humans who were probably attacking and I got caught up in this situation as these humans/humanoids probably tried to attack me too.

She was probably trying to protect her babies, maybe the humans and/or humanoids had attacked her babies who were probably in statue form or something but I can not remember, and after she defeated them I remember standing still as she passed by me hoping that she would not kill me.

She did not attack me and maybe she said something to me but I can not remember, if her babies were still alive she probably got them and left, but another creature/non-human animal got broken while in statue form during the previous battle.

This creature was a giant snake, even though his (somehow I knew that it was a male) body broke in statue form it somehow came back together when he awakened/whatever from statue form, and this creature was one of the creatures I knew to avoid and that he controlled parts of the building.

So I left trying to avoid him as he slithered around looking for me and for anyone/anything to attack, I managed to sneak around without him finding me, and I reached the outside of the building where the carport is near where the school bus stop used to be.

There was a very religious extended family who were possibly members of the Mennonite group or Amish group, and so they were dressed in old-style clothing and they dressed the same and their hairstyles and facial hairstyles were outdated.

They were a close family who knew how to better live off the land so they seemed better prepared for surviving in this type of world than the average person, and I remember greeting them and talking with them.

I had found a large rectangular pizza, I am not sure when, and so I offered to share it with them and cook it in their microwave oven that they had under the carport next to a small toaster oven (which was too small, and so that is why I used the microwave oven instead).

One thing that I remember the family telling me is that they would make their own air fresheners, I noticed an old partial pizza under the carport, and they told me that they were about to do something to it and dry it out and make it into air freshener.

This did not make sense to me but they explained that they take old no longer usable leftover things (food et cetera), and they do something that I can not remember to them to make them smell a certain way and they dry them out and then they can take these objects and put them in an area as an air freshener that will eventually lose its smell over time.

I felt that the pizza needed to heat up a bit more so I let them recommend a time, they recommended a longer time than expected, but I followed their recommendation anyway.

I watched as the pizza started to brown on the edges and cook better this time, but I woke up as I talked with them while watching the pizza cook to make sure that I do not over-cook it.

I wish that I could remember more of this interesting dream, especially the strange and interesting fantasy elements and how the creatures and non-human animals looked and what they said to me, but that is all that I can remember now.

The end,

-John Jr

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