Shopping With My Mom Inside A Shopping Mall-Like Building

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was inside a shopping mall-like building shopping with my mom among other shoppers, and during the dream I also went to some outdoor areas in the parking lot and to other buildings that were partly connected to and near this building.

At some point I remember us being inside a Walmart-like store, at some point I remember my mom and I looking at some shoes, and then we saw some beds and mattresses so we stopped to look at them.

I saw a foam mattress topper on one twin sized bed that had two mattresses, and when I went to touch the mattress I noticed some water stains and it felt damp.

An old female employee with whitish-color skin with gray/silver/white hair told us that the roof had started leaking after a partial collapse that was probably the result of hurricane damage from a hurricane from years ago, and when I smelled my hand the water on my hands smelled a bit like mildew or mildewy/moldy so I tried to wipe it off or I went to find a bathroom so that I could wash my hands and urinate because I needed to urinate.

As I searched for a bathroom I remember seeing my former male classmate WT, I greeted him and we said a few things, and then I continued my search for a bathroom.

Eventually I went outside the building to reach a small building that was a bathroom, outside I saw some former schoolmates and classmates of mine who had brownish-color skin with black hair, but the only one I can remember now was my former schoolmate/classmate GR.

They were arguing about something and a fight seemed likely, I can not remember what happened, but maybe I helped calm the situation before I went inside the bathroom.

The inside of the bathroom was very crowded, there was almost no privacy, it did not look very nice, the urinals looked very old and were shaped oddly and had unusual colors like maybe orange and a neutral green color, the bathroom was poorly lit, and so I tried to find a urinal to use that had a bit more privacy.

I found one urinal that barely had a bit of privacy but I was still uncomfortable and I could not urinate, and so I left the bathroom after washing my hands and after saying a few things to some of my former schoolmates and classmates who were inside the bathroom.

I went back inside the shopping mall and I remember maybe hearing someone talking about a film that was partly different film which included the film The Nice Guys (which I watched yesterday) and another film that I can not remember that I probably saw recently, and I remember an idea being mentioned about adding part of another film to create a film that was three films in one.

But I can not remember the details, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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