Alice Morgan Calls John Luther

Alice Calls Luther – Luther – BBC

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was working at my shelver job at The BP Library, and it was raining outside.

At some point I noticed at least three different water puddles in the children’s section, and I saw that there were at least three different water leaks coming from the roof/ceiling.

Last year in real life there was one water leak in the children’s section, in this dream there was a water leak from that same location, but now there were two other water leaks so I went to tell my coworker and our security guard Mr. C.

Mr. C’s office looked different, he had an open separate room on the left side of a fictional version of the real life office that him and our Branch Manager Mrs. PH share that was moved over further to the left in a different location, and I saw Mr. C sitting at a desk on his computer.

I told Mr. C about the water leaks and we walked to the children’s section so that I could show him the leaks, there were several kids there now (a boy and a girl with whitish-color skin with yellow hair, and a boy with dark-brown skin with short black hair), and as we entered the children’s section Mr. C said something in French to maybe the boy with dark-brown skin.

I am not sure what Mr. C said in French to the boy, but then Mr. C started speaking in English to the boy and he said that he saw the boy putting something in his pocket and he told him that stealing was against the rules and that it was wrong so he wanted him to put whatever it was that he put in his pocket back where it belonged.

Two parent’s (a woman and man with whitish-color skin) then entered the room, the boy with whitish-color skin then said that he saw a cockroach (roach), and I looked down on the floor and I saw the roach near him so I told him to step on it before it escapes but he was too afraid it seemed so I tried stepping on it.

Then I did not see the roach for a few seconds but then it reappeared so I stepped on it until it was dead, then I got a napkin or something to pick up the roach with, and then in the corner of the room was large plastic thing with water inside of it with an area (maybe dry) in the middle to hold full trash bags.

I assumed that maybe some fish were in the water so I threw the roach in the water, the plastic was white so you could only see shadows through it, and I saw the shadow of a fish (the shadow looked like maybe a perch-like fish) and it sounded like the fish ate the roach.

Mr. C then started trying to figure out what to do about the water leaks, I asked him if we should get some buckets to catch the water but I can not remember his response, and then maybe he went to get some buckets and/or to call the repairman.

The next thing that I remember is possibly a dream within a dream or a daydream within a dream or something else that happened abruptly interrupting this dream, I just remember that it was a gray day, and maybe I was slowly driving up a road that looked like the road that goes past The BP Jail House/The BP Police Station.

Somehow I was hearing a mobile phone conversation between the characters Alice Morgan and DCI John Luther from the BBC television series Luther, and when one of them would be talking I would see them in my mind somewhat vaguely (I saw them in a somewhat faded way, like a daydream) as they talked as I continued driving down the road.

Alice Morgan called John Luther, it seemed that maybe they had not communicated with each other in a while like maybe Luther had avoided contact with Alice, and so Alice was probably letting Luther know that she wanted to continue communicating again with him and that she wanted to meet him in person in again.

The conversation in my dream was a lot calmer and nicer than this one:

Alice Calls Luther – Luther – BBC

I remember Alice Morgan saying something that I translated to mean that she was reminding Luther that ignoring her to punish her and/or try to get her under control was not going to work against someone like her who lacks certain human emotions, and I think that Alice said something like:

“John, you should already know that hidden pecks does not equal *something that I can not remember* for someone like me.”


“John, you should already know that hidden pecks does not equal hidden specks for someone like me.”

Or Something like that.

I assume that Luther had avoided Alice to see if he could use this tactic against her when she gets too out of control, he knows that Alice wants to communicate and be with him, and so maybe he hoped that this tactic would get Alice to calm down during times like that because she will realize that there are limits to what she is allowed to do so he probably hoped to use this tactic to help her stay within those limits.

But I woke up as they were still talking while I was still driving.

The end,

  • John Jr

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