Mr. Gaul & Dream Sharing / Shared Dreaming Inside A Dream Within A Dream Within A False Awakening Dream 😵

For the second night in the row since the Orgonise Africa medium Orgonite Pyramid M that I ordered last year during the Christmas holiday(s) during a 30% off sale finally arrived, I have had some of the most intensely detailed interesting dreams of the year so far, which may be a coincidence but who knows.

This dream from last night was a very detailed and interesting dream that involved one or more dreams within dreams inside a false awakening dream, and dreaming sharing/shared dreaming/mutual dreaming between myself and some other dream characters happened in this dream of dreams as well.



Source: YouTube

Today The Daily Post had a Daily Prompt called Blur, and this is what it said:


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And this is my response:

When reading today’s Daily Prompt the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the word blur was the song called Song 2 by the music group Blur from their album Blur:

The end,

-John Jr