15 thoughts on “Mr. Gaul & Dream Sharing / Shared Dreaming Inside A Dream Within A Dream Within A False Awakening Dream 😵

  1. I think that people often share dreams. It has a lot to do with some sort of connection with that person or that one person is focused on the other. It like how a person can energetically communicate with another.
    Or outside forces can manipulate dream experiences and give multiple people the same dream experience

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  2. Hello John Jr.

    I think it was the last post of yours I read that made me think of it, but have you seen the movie The Cell?

    I find this idea of dream sharing fascinating and believe it’s possible even though I’ve yet to accomplish it. I had a series of dreams with an old friend for awhile where he was living in England. Eventually the dreams changed and he came back to the US, returning from England. After many years I finally tracked him down in waking life, but alas, he never actually went to England. I had been very curious.

    That is a beautiful picture for your header image.

    Do you think the orgonite pyramid has helped with your dreams or anything else? I keep a nice collection of miscellaneous stones near my bed, more just because I love them than anything.

    Thanks for sharing your dream,

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    • Hello Lost Truth,

      If it is the one with Jennifer Lopez, then yes, I saw it many years ago so my memory of it is unclear but I remember it being a variety of adjectives like creepy and freaky and disturbing and surreal and psychological and visually symbolic et cetera.

      I want to say that dream sharing is possible as well, and thank you for sharing that experience.

      Thank you, if only you could have seen what the area in my dream was like where the house was, it was very nice. 🙂

      That is a good question and I wish that I was more scientific in my testing of it, I want to say that the orgonite pyramid and my orgonite pendant have helped my sleep and dreams and mood and energy levels, by helping to balance those things but I have not tried removing them to see if I notice a change or not.

      So you have a stone collection, nice, what are some of the stones that you have?

      I have a large block of some kind of quartz I assume (it is a light brown color) that I found many years ago in near a forest that was being cleared by bulldozers.

      You are welcome, and thank you for commenting.

      -John Jr

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      • Thanks for your reply. That is the movie I was thinking of. It was disturbing, but also very kool in regards to cinematography and entering into another’s dream world.

        Thank you for telling me about the orgonite. I’m not familiar with that stone. I have a large collection of miscellaneous stones. I’m big into collecting, polishing and carving them. One in particular I keep near my bed and have made into a necklace is called psilomelane . It is supposed to help with astral travel and mysticism in general. I can’t say I think it actually helps though, but it doesn’t seem to hurt.

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        • You are welcome Lost Truth.

          Even though I my memory of that film is limited now, I still agree with you, I am surprised that I do not hear people talking about that film sometimes when topics like this come up.

          You are welcome, orgonite is a combination of several base ingredients that are alleged to produce certain effects, and you can add your own ingredients which can allegedly add different effects depending on the materials added.

          One of the sellers (named Karin) that I bought an orgonite pendant from has a page or post about orgonite that has some links to some other pages or posts that she has about orgonite:



          Another blogger told me about orgonite several years ago so I decided to experiment and get several orgonite pieces that were under $25 because I like to save money and this was just an experiment, one of those pieces is the largest and lowest priced pendant that Karin sales in her shop:


          I actually never heard of psilomelane before, interesting, and I think that it is nice that you carve and polish them yourself.

          I also can not say for sure whether the orgonite that I have has helped me or not, I think that it has (and that alone can be powerful enough to create an effect, a placebo effect, et cetera), but I did not follow the scientific method. 😉

          Thank you for for replying,
          -John Jr

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