11 Replies to “Mr. Gaul And Dream Sharing/Shared Dreaming Inside A Dream Within A Dream Within A False Awakening Dream šŸ˜µ”

  1. I think that people often share dreams. It has a lot to do with some sort of connection with that person or that one person is focused on the other. It like how a person can energetically communicate with another.
    Or outside forces can manipulate dream experiences and give multiple people the same dream experience

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    1. Hello True George,

      Just the thought of the possibility of shared dreaming is interesting and amazing to me, and that is one of the things that I liked about the film Inception because it explored some of the possibilities of shared dreaming.

      I do wonder about the possibility of outside forces manipulating dreams and creating shared dreams, that possibility is a bit scary/disturbing, but also interesting and amazing.

      You might be right.

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr

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            1. Thank you very much True George, I now have my blog set to the Toujours theme with the default header images enabled, and I will probably use that until the Twenty Seventeen theme comes out and/or a better free theme is released.

              I am curious to test the new video header option in the Twenty Seventeen theme once it is released on WordPress.com (it should have been released last year on WordPress.com, and so this is the longest that it has ever taken for a default WordPress theme to be released on WordPress.com).

              -John Jr


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