Is Angel’s Egg An Overlooked Masterpiece? – Analyzed And Explained

Source: YouTube

Today Chris Stuckmann from YouTube uploaded a video on YouTube called, Is Angel’s Egg An Overlooked Masterpiece? – Analyzed And Explained, where he analyzed the Japanese anime OVA (original video animation) called Angel’s Egg which was directed by Mamoru Oshii.

I think that Chris Stuckmann did a good job analyzing Angel’s Egg and I hope that he starts analyzing films more often, and one of the great things about Angel’s Egg is that it can be interpreted in many different ways because there probably is no one interpretation of this film.

I saw Angel’s Egg years ago, and one day I even did my own crazy personal interpretation of this film during one of my lonely depressive periods.

Several years later I found a text file of my rough draft of my personal interpretation of Angel’s Egg, and I made a post about it called Angel’s Egg (John Jr’s Personal Interpretation):

Anyway, I recommend watching Angel’s Egg if you can find it (currently it can unofficially be found on YouTube at this time on a video called: Angel’s Egg (1985) English Subtitle), and then after you watch the film I recommend watching Chris Stuckmann’s analysis of the film:

After that you can even read my crazy personal interpretation of Angel’s Egg that I linked earlier in this post, and maybe you can create your own post with your own interpretation of this film.

The end,

-John Jr


6 thoughts on “Is Angel’s Egg An Overlooked Masterpiece? – Analyzed And Explained

  1. Great film! It’s been so long since I watched this, wish it was in print still. If you’re wanting some more Oshii stuff, he had a few live action films that loosely tie into Jin-Roh that were really strange, the weirdest one being Red Spectacles.

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