My Former Classmate JC’s Hand Gets Injured And A Woman Manipulating People

Last night I barely got any sleep for various reasons so I almost did not dream at all until the last hour maybe, I probably got no more than an hour of sleep if that, but I am not sure.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I remember being inside what was supposed to be a classroom or school setting, but it did not look like it.

There were other people standing around in this room including my mom, our fictional female teacher who had whitish-color skin with yellow hair, my former male classmate JC, and a fictional woman with whitish-color skin with long yellow hair who looked a lot like my sister-in-law JC but it was not her.

At some point I was talking with my mom and our teacher when the woman who looked like my sister-in-law JC walked my former classmate JC over to us, and she told us that a man named Joe had twisted my former classmate JC’s hand injuring it.

My former classmate JC showed us his hand, two fingers were on one side and the other three fingers were on the other side, and in the middle where there was a split is where most of the damage took place and he said that he was in a lot of pain.

My former classmate JC was clearly suffering and was in pain, we felt that he needed to go to the doctor or hospital to have his hand checked, and the woman explained how Joe had abused my former classmate JC.

I started to get angry and I wanted to go find this Joe and see him and confront him myself, but then I started to notice strange things about the woman who was telling us this.

I started to notice that she phrased her statements in a way to get you to jump to conclusions and she seemed to be constantly trying to manipulate people, and I saw how she was manipulating my former classmate JC and the others and I.

She mentioned that Joe had his own group, he seemed to have his own type of school that was more like a small poor countryside outdated community who also wore outdated clothes, and she said that he only would use white books; and I assumed that Joe’s group was some outdated racist white supremacist-type group.

In my mind I saw Joe and his small group laying around outside in the countryside on the ground by a campfire relaxing, but I am not sure if these were flashbacks or what they were.

What the woman was saying seemed to be true at first but then I noticed her there with Joe, and she was manipulating him as well and it seemed more like she was in control.

I started to see that Joe was possibly not as bad as she made him out to be, and maybe she manipulated him into attacking my former classmate JC.

I wondered what was this woman’s agenda/whatever, and I tried to figure out why she kept manipulating people.

I no longer trusted anything that this woman said, I tried to figure out what was true and false on my own, and I tried to figure her out while keeping an eye on her to see what she was up to.

I did not want to reveal what I knew to her, I pretended that everything was okay so that I could have time to figure things out, and decide how to deal with her and help my former classmate JC; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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