My Wife Is An Actress (Ma Femme Est Une Actrice)

What Is It?

The 2001 French romantic comedy-drama movie Ma Femme Est Une Actrice (My Wife Is An Actress), which was directed by the director / actor Yvan Attal (who also starred in the film), and starred the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg (Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg) & the actor Terence Stamp (Terence Henry Stamp).

Ma femme est une actrice (2001) bande annonce

What Is It About?

It is about a man with a wife who is a famous actress.

One day he suspects that maybe something is going on between his wife and an actor who(m) she is working with on a film and / or he just becomes jealous.

This situation starts to strain their marriage, so this movie focuses on what marriage life can be like between a famous person and their non-famous spouse.

Here is how The IMDb describes this movie:

A “normal” guy who is married to a hot actress gets worried that she is involved with her costar.

This worry turns into jealousy and causes problems in their relationship.

This is a story about trust and a comedy about the actions between men and women.

Paris can boast a population of 2,125,246. Of these 1,153,000 are women and 10,000 are actresses.

Yvan, a young sports writer, is married to one who is very well known – Charlotte.

They try to live a normal life, but her fame makes it difficult – autograph hunters interrupt their dinners, cops about to serve traffic summonses let them off with a warning and a smile when they recognize her, and impossible-to-get restaurant reservations magically appear when Charlotte makes the calls instead of Yvan.

All this threatens and challenges his male ego, but Yvan is able to take her stardom in stride.

Until, that is, a man at a bar asks him if he gets jealous watching his wife make love in the nude to another man on screen.

It has never seriously bothered him before, but the stranger sows the first seed of doubt in his head…

Sujit R. Varma

Charlotte Gainsbourg talks about “My Wife Is An Actress”

Why Do You Like It?

I saw this film about a year ago or longer, so unfortunately I am not exactly sure how I felt about it.

I assume that it was okay, I assume that what I liked about the film is the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg; and that the film showed what life can be like for a famous person and their non-famous spouse and some of their struggles.

Charlotte Gainsbourg et Yvan Attal “Ma femme est une actrice” | Archive INA

Why Would Someone Else Like It?

I think that other people will like it because of how the film shows what marriage life can be like for a famous person and their non-famous spouse.

Which gives the viewer a glimpse into what it might be like to be in a marriage like that.

My Thoughts

I had this film on my computer for many years until I finally watched it a year ago or more.

Before I could watch it, I had to download new subtitles for it again after I lost the original subtitles.

So it was good that I finally watched it, there are so many films that I have that I have not watched yet.

I just can not remember much about this film now or how I felt about it, and so maybe it was somewhat of a forgettable but okay film.

The end,

  • John Jr

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