Chocolate 2 (Zen: Warrior Within 2): Escape From The Avatar?

I think that this dream from last night was somewhat inspired by the 2008 Thai martial arts film Chocolate (Zen, Warrior Within), and this dream played more like a romantic comedy action film inspired by and/or continuing the film Chocolate (Zen, Warrior Within).

Chocolate Official HD Trailer – Director of Ong Bak

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day probably somewhere in the continent of Asia like maybe the country of Thailand, but I am not sure.

I heard one or more languages in this dream besides English that I did not understand, maybe Thai, but I have no idea because I do not know that language or those languages.

I was possibly not myself during the dream or during most of the dream but I can not remember, I will assume that I was a man who lived in this country instead of myself and/or I would sometimes see things from his point of view almost like I was him, but I can not remember.

The dream took place in an area where maybe a fair or festival was taking place in an area that probably had walkways and steps and maybe stone floors and markets and a probably Buddhist temple and other old structures like a small historic part of a city et cetera, and so there was a variety of activities taking place with various people around this area.

I think that the dream involved a young woman who seemed to be based on the character Zen from the film Chocolate (Zen, Warrior Within) or she was a somewhat older version of her, the young woman possibly had a disability/disorder or partial disability/disorder or special needs of some kind (maybe mental like autism et cetera) that made certain things more difficult for her and caused her to behave in ways that clashed with norms, and there was a man in her community who was nice to her compared to most other people.

The man knew that the young woman liked martial arts so he probably started taking her to the probably Buddhist temple to train in martial arts with the probably Buddhist monks there, he probably started to train with them as well, and at some point the monks probably realized that the young woman was special and that she was possibly an avatar who was quickly mastering the martial arts and was unlocking various special abilities/powers/superpowers.

I think that one of the superpowers that she developed was maybe the superpower to make herself much bigger and taller and fatter, and of course her martial arts ability quickly surpassed everyone else; and she continuing learning and developing new superpowers.

The young woman fell in love with the man because she misinterpreted his kindness for romantic love but the man was not interested in a romantic relationship with her, he was just helping a young woman in need, and to him the young woman was more like a little sister or neighbor in need and she was probably too young.

The young woman was socially awkward and whatever her condition(s) were caused her behavior to sometimes be extreme and unusual, and her new growing superpowers and martial arts skills made this worse and more dangerous so when the man politely rejected her love she refused to accept his rejection.

The young woman started to have a bit of a tantrum, probably making herself bigger and taller and fatter, and she started chasing the man who started to run and hide and dodge and avoid her the rest of the dream.

Maybe this is when I was possibly the man and I remember him/I running and hiding around this area from the young woman because she was probably too powerful and skilled at martial arts to defend against, and so that is all that he/I assumed that he/I could do; but I/he never did test to see if he could defeat her or not.

Sometimes he/I would hide among the monks at the temple and sometimes outside in the back courtyard of the temple, when the young woman was not there of course, because he/I assumed that she would not expect him/me to be hiding there because she is often there training.

This gave him/me the longest breaks from running because during the rest of the time he/I had to run a lot, the monks also did not feel that they could help because they also assumed that the young woman was too powerful and skilled, and they probably assumed that she was an avatar and her powers and skill was continuing to grow so they decided to stay out of this situation.

In some ways this situation was terrifying and exhausting for the man/I but it was also somewhat comedic, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


5 replies on “Chocolate 2 (Zen: Warrior Within 2): Escape From The Avatar?”

Hello True George,

I did not think of it that way, I guess I was too busy being focused on the fact of a person (possibly an avatar) with superpowers (and constantly gaining new powers and who had the ability to make themselves much bigger and taller and fatter for some reason) and good martial arts skills literally chasing him/me trying to force him/me into a romantic relationship with them/maybe rape him/me, but you were able to notice that; well done. 👍

I like it when people notice things about my dreams that I did not think about.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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You’re welcome.
I don’t know if you ever saw the short lived science fiction series called the 4400. It was a similar theme. The most powerful person, she couldn’t be killed and had that was stronger then others. She fell in love with a guy who took her virginity but after a while wanted to move on. She forced the relationship. If she didn’t have her way she would kill. The dude had no choice but to be in a forced relationship…..

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Hello True George,

I actually have heard of The 4400 before, I saw pieces of it years ago but I probably never saw a full episode, I do remember one guy who could maybe heal people but I can not remember the woman you just mentioned.

That show seemed interesting, I might have to try to watch it one day if I ever catch up with all of the unwatched films/television series that I have not watched yet, thank you for commenting.

-John Jr

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