A Memory Of Me Rubbing My Hands Together To Stabilize A Lucid Dream?

Today after doing some pull-ups and chin-ups outside on an old metal swing (the metal frame that holds the swing) I started rubbing my hands together like I normally do because of the discomfort of the pressure/friction that is put on my hands and calluses (caused by doing pull-ups/chin-ups on this old metal swing that is too wide and rough for my hands) when doing pull-ups and chin-ups on this old metal swing. 💪

As I was rubbing my hands together I suddenly had a memory of me using the rub your hands together to stabilize a lucid dream technique.

I am not sure if this memory was from last night or when it was from exactly, it was a recent memory I assume, and so it probably happened within the last few days.

All that I can remember of this memory that suddenly came to my mind was being inside a dream that was now lucid (a lucid dream) because I realized that I was dreaming, at some point I realized that the dream was starting to become unstable and was at risk of collapsing and at risk of me waking up from the lucid dream, and so I remembered to finally try the rub your hands together technique for the first time to see if it would stabilize the lucid dream because I was noticing a lot of good details in the dream and I was not ready to wake up.

In my memory this technique worked and the dream stabilized but the dream probably eventually returned to being a normal dream where I no longer realized that I was dreaming, but I can not remember; and I can not remember what the lucid dream was about or what happened in it.

If this memory is correct then I finally had a lucid dream again since I have been trying to have another one to see if I could have a lucid dream again before Daniel MacKillican has one, a bit of a competition/challenge I guess you could say that I started after maybe reading his post called Lucid Dreams and his post Strange But Not Quite A Nightmare, which I hoped would help us both have a lucid dream again and test whether any of the dream stabilization techniques work or not among other things that we/I wanted to test and do in our next lucid dream(s).

If this memory is correct then this would be a lucid dream that happened naturally because recently I have not even been trying to lucid dream really, I sometimes get lazy and forget about my lucid dream challenge/competition, and so it happened during one of those times if that memory is correct.

I want to assume that this happened last night during maybe my second dream that involved old wood framed televisions from a hotel and a woman, but I am not sure.

I will be posting that dream and two other dreams later today in a post called: Getting Lost And An Old Television Set And Being In A Golf Competition With John Cena.

Because I am not sure if that memory is correct or not and because it lacks enough details as proof, I will let Mr. MacKillican slide this time and say that our competition/challenge is still ongoing until one of us has a lucid dream that we can remember for sure and in more detail, and so you got lucky this time Mr. MacKillican. 😉 😀

I would like to thank Daniel MacKillican for indirectly inspiring this assumed lucid dream and my first use of this dream stabilization technique that I assumed worked, hopefully soon one or both of us will have another lucid dream where we can test this stabilization technique again to be sure if it really worked or not, and have a dream that is clearly a lucid dream with more details to prove it and to know what happened during the lucid dream.

May the first man/person (if someone else wants to join the lucid dream competition/challenge) lucid dream. 😎

The end,

  • John Jr

3 replies on “A Memory Of Me Rubbing My Hands Together To Stabilize A Lucid Dream?”

Many thanks for the mention, John. I’m still waiting for my next lucid dream, so I can put some of the techniques that I have read about into practice. It might be a good idea if I actually made it into my bed at a reasonable time, but I tend to keep working well into the early hours, which is not good for my lucid dream practice—my brain is an incredibly enthusiastic and talkative friend and doesn’t like it when I put things off to the following day, so sleep is more often than not put off until the Sun pops its head above the horizon and says ‘Hi’.

Daniel ;0)

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You are welcome Daniel Mackillican.

Have you been setting your intention to lucid dream before going to sleep and have you tried doing this while closely looking in the mirror at yourself while looking directly into your own eyes and talking in a way that is more likely to effectively reach your subconscious?

Basically almost like performing waking inception on yourself and / or hypnosis and / or just a strong suggestion.

I have not been trying to lucid dream at all, I actually forgot about our challenge, and so thank you for reminding me; hopefully I will start trying again. 😀

Thank you for commenting and good luck,
-John Jr

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