Going To A Movie Theater & Food Stand In A Shopping Mall

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day in a fictional LC-like city, and my parent’s and I were in this city possibly visiting my brothers KD and TD at college but I am not sure.

At some point my parent’s and I drove to a shopping mall in separate automobiles, my parent’s were probably with me at the mall at first, but at some point I do not remember seeing them anymore.

I decided to go watch a film so I walked to a movie theater that also had food stand in the mall near one of the entrances/exits, the food stand was on the right side of the walking area, and the movie theater counter was on the left side.

The movie theater and food stand were owned by an old woman who was from a country in Asia (Asian), and she had at least two employees in the front area which included a man and an old man (possibly a family member like maybe her husband) who were also from somewhere in Asia (probably the same country).

I remember trying to decide which film to watch, the sign had the names of the films but there were no images or descriptions of the films, and I did not recognize any of the films.

As I was trying to do this I remember there being other people around, including several couples, and among those couples I remember one or two attractive women who were probably dressed proactively and in a way that was distracting.

I remember trying to be a gentleman and not look at them but they kept getting in my way, they had their boyfriends with them, and so that made things even more awkward.

I remember trying to ask a male employee at the counter about the films but he was no help, he probably did not speak much English and he did not seem to know anything about any of the films, and so I continued trying to decide which film to watch.

On the counter was a thick old book/whatever that had many personal documents that belonged to the owner that proved that she had a business license/permit, and other things like: citizenship records, passport, education records, licenses/permits, old newspaper clippings related to her and her businesses, old records from various countries that she has lived in, and more.

I assume that she had it there so that customers and inspectors could look at it if they wanted to, but I thought that was probably not a good idea to leave that many personal documents sitting in the open like that.

At some point my male former classmate DH arrived, he was going to watch a film with me and then we were probably going to eat some food at the food stand or at the food court inside the mall, and I remember us talking and trying to decide which film to watch.

I am not sure if we watched a film or not, I just know that time passed, and then we decided to walk to the food court but I think that too much time had passed so my former classmate DH probably left.

In the food court there was another food stand and maybe a bathroom and an old computer along the wall near the bathroom that was owned by another person and/or family from a country in Asia (Asian), and there were once again at least two male employees with at least one being old.

There was a line of people waiting to use the bathroom, and so I walked over to the old computer to look at it.

The computer had an old outdated version of Microsoft Windows, outdated old programs including Napster, and it ran slow like it was probably infected with malware and had too many junk programs installed and running on startup and there were probably various errors going on.

Once again there were several couples in this area waiting in line, after looking at the computer I either got in line or I tried to decide what I she get to eat, but I woke up as I was thinking about this.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello True George,

In the dream I did consider upgrading that computer in the dream to the latest version of Windows, scanning for and removing malware, uninstalling junk/useless programs, removing useless programs from the start up, and upgrading the remaining programs; but that would take too much time and effort et cetera so I threw that thought from my mind.

In the real world all my software is up to date, my hardware is very old though, but it meets most of my needs except for gaming where I have to play newer games like Fallout 4 on their lowest settings to be able to play video games like that.

I have held off building a new computer for mostly financial reasons, now that I have a job again I can build a new computer or buy a better graphics card so that I get a few more years out of my ancient computer that I have upgraded here and there since 2005, but I am still taking the cautious/conservative/money-saving approach and waiting until I see what happens with several technologies and their prices first before I decide to build another computer and give my old one to my brother GC.

Also I rarely play video games now-a-days so I have not been able to justify building a new computer yet.

I am surprised that I have managed to push my ancient computer this far, and my computer was not even a high-end system when I built it.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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