Gillian Anderson & Deliveries | A Detective | My Parent’s Fence Gets Hit By A Tractor

Last night I went to sleep on the couch for about 4 1/2 hours until 6:00 AM after watching television (Japanese anime) with my brother GC, I had several dreams during that time, but I only remember barely part of two dreams from that time; and then I remember part of a third dream that I had later after going to sleep in my bed.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that the actress Gillian Anderson was talking to some of her friends, and she mentioned maybe a dessert or something that she has delivered to her house.

Mrs. Anderson explained how the dessert/whatever was pretty good, and how she likes having things delivered to her house instead of going out much (probably to avoid all the attention because she is a celebrity).

She recommended that her friends try the dessert that she was talking about, and she recommended that they start getting more items delivered to their houses instead of going out to buy them.

I then saw some flashbacks and maybe later scenes in the dream of a man who would often deliver items to Mrs. Anderson’s house, this man was the delivery driver/delivery person who delivered most items to her house, and the two of them seemed very familiar with each other.

I was possibly this man but I was possibly not myself, but I can not remember.

When the man/I would delivery items to Mrs. Anderson’s house we would have conversations about various things, and maybe Mrs. Anderson would ask me for advice (maybe computer stuff, and other things) and maybe sometimes he/I would ask for advice from her.

These flashbacks and scenes took place during various nice sunny days, we/they seemed very friendly with each other, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that a male detective with whitish-color skin with short dark-color hair who spoke English with maybe a Boston accent or some kind of New York City accent was investigating maybe possible terrorist activity.

The detective was in a bad mood frustrated stressed mood, he was probably having a hard time finding any clues or evidence, and he probably yelled and complained/ranted a lot during his investigation.

There were scenes of him at the police station (which was a multi-story brick building) talking with/ranting toward employees and interrogating people, and scenes of him going out to investigate and question people but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the evening or night in my parent’s yard, and I was outside in the yard when I heard two men arguing with each other.

The two men sounded familiar like some men with brownish-color skin who live in and walk around our neighborhood and sit around on porches looking at things that pass by as they probably drink alcoholic beverages/smoke cigarettes et cetera.

I then saw a slow convoy of at least 4 eighteen-wheelers (semi-trailer trucks) illegally drive across the grass from the next neighborhood to cross onto our street past the dead-end sign, and each one was driven by some of those men I just described including the two men who had been arguing.

After they drove by a large oddly shaped strange-looking tractor drove by going too fast, but it turned in the empty yard where the mobile home across the street from my parent’s yard used to be.

This strange tractor was being driven by a man who looked like Mr. T who is the son-in-law of our neighbor Mr. RD, but he was too far away and it was too dark for me to tell if that was really him or not.

The man then realized that the others had continued driving down the street so he turned quickly from the yard to catch up with them, but it seemed that he accidentally hit my parent’s fence where the double gates are near the dead-end sign.

I stood there waiting to see if he would stop and walk over to talk to me about it, but he started driving to Mr. RD’s yard so I took out my mobile phone to take some photographs and maybe some videos of him.

He parked the tractor in Mr. RD’s yard on the far right side and then he walked to the door (I saw him or someone else in the dream holding a key with maybe a red string attached to it, but I can not remember if it was him or someone else), an obese woman with light-medium brownish-color skin (maybe Mr. RD’s daughter K) walked out of the house, and they started talking.

I waited in our driveway to see if he would walk over to talk to me but he did not, and then he went inside Mr. RD’s house so I then walked to my parent’s fence and took some photographs of it.

The damage did not seem as bad as I had expected but I did not get a good look at it, and then I photographed the tractor’s license plate and the tractor from various angles and I tried to find the manufacturer and model written on it but I am not sure if I found this or not.

After recording my evidence I waited to see if he would come out of Mr. RD’s house so that I could confront him, I considered walking over there, but I decided to wait.

My parent’s were not home for me to tell them about what happened, I considered texting them my evidence, but for some reason I did not.

I got tired of waiting and then I walked inside my parent’s house to tell my brother GC, and the next thing that I remember is that maybe it was the next evening.

I walked outside to show and explain to my mom what had happened, but as we were walking across our yard I noticed two full small black gun magazines and some maybe .22 long rifle rounds scattered on the grass near the swings and they seemed to belong to my brother KD who has a rifle that fires .22 long rifle rounds and the magazines for it are small like that.

I wondered how did that get on the ground like that, and I thought that this was dangerous to have loaded gun magazines on the ground and scattered live-ammunition that could fire or explode if my dad ran over them while cutting the grass with a lawn mower or something like that so I started picking them up while complaining about it to my mom.

After that I walked my mom to the fence as I told my story about what had happened, the fence was damaged worse than I had thought, and some of the fence poles were pushed down shorter than the others now.

As I told my mom the story and showed her the various areas, I was going to show her my evidence on my mobile phone and text it to her, but yet again I did not for some reason.

My mom and I stood then in our driveway across from Mr. RD’s house, and maybe my mom started walking over there but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is that it was night and I was driving a fictional car and my brother GC was with me, and we were in a fictional part of maybe the city of D driving up a street past houses and other things.

At some point I noticed some objects in the street on the right side across from an old one-story house, and so I stopped the car so that we could get out to look at it because I saw a key with a red fabric cord attached to it like the one that I saw earlier in the dream and it looked like a key that belonged to my family.

This looked like a crime scene to me for some reason, but I can not remember what the other objects were because I was too focused on the key.

I did not think that touching anything here was wise because it was a possible crime scene, but I picked up the key and I took it with us as we got back in the car because other automobiles were trying to drive by.

I slowly drove forward trying to be careful to avoid getting hit by the automobiles behind me, and I was trying to figure out if that crime scene-like area and key was connected to the incident where my parent’s fence got hit.

I wondered if the driver of the tractor was dead now, maybe he died in the street where the key was, but I had no idea.

I wondered if something bigger was going on because the convoy of eighteen-wheelers illegally driving through our neighborhood with a tractor following behind was strange, and the people driving them were people who do not even own automobiles and who do not seem to work normal jobs and the gun magazines and live ammunition on the grass in my parent’s yard all seemed strange so I wondered if any of this was connected.

I wondered what was stored in the back of the eighteen-wheelers that evening or night, but I woke up as I drove trying to think about this and I was going to take the key home to see if my parent’s recognized it.

The end,

-John Jr

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