Twin Babies? | Dar Adal’s Covert Attacks Against Carrie Mathison

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I am not sure if this is one dream or two dreams, and so I will type them separately.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the night in my parent’s yard outside of my parent’s windows that face the back door, and I was outside holding an unknown male baby who looked like he could be my nephew or son or brother because he looked somewhat like my nephew CC and me.

I did not know who the baby was or who the baby was for, and so in the dream I was trying to figure this out as I stood there thinking about this while I held the baby.

My mom is too old to have children anymore so the baby being my brother did not seem likely, the baby could have been a new child of my brother CC and my sister-in-law JC but I had not heard of them expecting any more children at this time, I do not have any children so the chance of this baby being my son was super low, and maybe the baby was for someone else but I doubted that I would be holding someone else’s baby at night unless I knew them very well like a close family member or friend or something.

The windows to my parent’s bedroom were open, I heard another male baby making sounds, and I saw another male baby with his face against the window screen looking at us as he stood up on the bed holding on to the window frame because he could not walk or stand on his own probably.

The baby then poked his head through the window screen because it was broken in the bottom right corner, and I saw that the baby appeared to be a twin (a fraternal twin maybe, not an identical twin) of the baby that I was holding.

I could not see or hear my parent’s so I wondered if they were sleep or something, and I walked to the window so that the two babies could be close to each other and they started laughing and smiling and they touched heads briefly.

I also did not want the other baby to fall out of the window, and so I stood close to help prevent that as I waited to see if my parent’s would realize that the other baby was poking his head through the window screen.

I stood there holding the baby and making funny sounds and faces and talking and playing with them as I waiting for someone in the house to notice the baby by the window, and I was also still trying to figure out who the babies were and who they were for.

I also wondered why I did not already know this information, why would I be standing outside during the night holding a baby without knowing why or who et cetera, but I woke up before I could learn anything.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by episode 7 (Imminent Risk) of the Showtime television series Homeland (season 6) which I watched before going to sleep last night.

The dream was about how the character Dar Adal, who works in the CIA Black Operations (Ops) division/department/whatever, is covertly messing with/attacking the character Carrie Mathison in various ways.

Dar Adal seems to be behind some of the various things going on this season of Homeland, and he seems to be covertly going after Carrie to stop her from figuring out what he is up to.

My dream showed various ways that Dar Adal it trying to deal with Carrie by doing things like trying to make her become mentally unstable again by having her daughter taken away and various other things like having people call her with false information and real information meant to make her afraid/paranoid/et cetera, trying to get her to give up her investigation, trying to make her seem uncredible, and trying to set her up for one or more crimes if those other things fail.

One thing that I remember from the dream is a woman calling Carrie at her house and telling her that they knew that she was at the house of the FBI agent who was killed and that she has his gun, and that the investigators are probably going to assume that she killed the FBI agent because the evidence is currently pointing toward her as the suspect.

This was actually false and real information that Dar Adal gave to the woman, and the woman was supposed to call Carrie as part of the plan to make her mentally unstable again and/or get her to give up her investigation and/or set her up for the murder of the FBI agent.

There were more examples of Dar Adal’s plan in action during the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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