A Professional Wrestling Event And Talking With A Charlize Theron-Like Woman

I had more dreams last night but I woke up at about 3:Something AM because my stomach was bubbling from something that I ate last night I guess, and so I had to get out of bed to deal with this so I forgot the dream or dreams that I remembered and my stomach disturbed my sleep and dreams for the rest of the night with me waking up several times feeling hot and my stomach was bothering me.

Eventually I went back to sleep, I woke up again feeling hot and my stomach was bothering me while I thought about one or more dreams, but then I went back to sleep without voice recording that dream or those dreams.

I woke up again later with the same problems while thinking about one or more dreams without voice recording them, and eventually I forgot all of my dreams that I remembered except for part of my last dream from last night because of laying in bed thinking about them while being disturbed by my stomach issue and feeling hot until I forgot most of my dreams.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening and night and I was in a dimly lit one-story building in a crowd of people, and we seemed to be at a small professional wrestling event (maybe a very low-level WWE event that they did not care about or a low-budget professional wrestling company event, and so every thing was very poorly set up).

There were objects or a structure in my way that prevented me from seeing the wrestling ring from where I was in the crowd, and the video camera that I saw was probably pointed at the entrance area where the professional wrestlers come from to go to the wrestling ring so people watching on television may have not been able to see the wrestling ring either unless they had more cameras around the building.

Near the entrance area was a roped off area where there was a live band of kids and teenagers and maybe a few adults from probably Mexico (Mexican) who had different musical instruments, and they were playing the entrance music for the wrestlers and playing music between fights to entertain the crowd.

The live band was pretty bad, most of them did not know how to play their instruments so some of them were just making random sounds or were fake playing (especially the kids) while others made some sounds from their musical instruments that somewhat sounded okay, and so it was very unprofessional and embarrassing.

Overall it was a sloppy and lazy and very low-budget wrestling event (the worst that I have ever seen in a dream or real life) where I could not even see the fights / matches and there were probably no announcers et cetera, and at some point two women with brownish-color skin with black hair started arguing loudly and cursing and fighting each other over a man who also had brownish-color skin with black hair until at least one of the women walked away and that was the only fight that I got to see in the dream. 😀

At some point the woman who walked away from the fight returned to attack the man who they had fought over, first they started arguing, and when the woman was about to attack the man I heard the man asking where his gun was because he was going to shoot the woman if she attacked him.

This caused the woman to say something that I can not remember, and she walked away again because she did not want to get shot.

After this the wrestling event either ended or stopped or took a break or something, I just remember everyone waiting to see what would happen next, and then some of us walked around the area where the wrestling ring should be but it was not there like they had already taken it down and were either still removing everything or a new event of some kind was being set up.

I walked around in circles in this area because it looked a bit like a walking track, some other people walked around as well, and one of these people was an attractive woman who looked somewhat like a thicker (in the face and body) version of the actress Charlize Theron.

I noticed that this woman kept looking at me and that she stood out to me, and so I assumed that I stood out to her too because she kept looking at me like she was interested in me or something.

We kept glancing at each other as we walked around until I probably finally decided to approach her and greet her, and then the two of us walked and talked together having a good conversation and a good time.

My memory is unclear so I am not sure what happened to the woman, I just remember seeing my former male classmate AM at some point, and we started talking.

It was time to leave so my former classmate AM and I continued walking and talking, and we were both wearing dress clothes now with him wearing a white long-sleeve dress shirt with maybe dark dress pants and dark dress shoes and a dark belt with a tie while I was wearing something similar but my shirt was a light-yellowish color so we were both well-dressed oddly.

As we walked outside and up the street talking during the night, our former classmate DH and several other former classmates of ours were walking behind us talking, and sometimes they would talk to us as well as they walked behind us.

As we walked past the C Elementary School in the city of D on the left side of the street near the field, I remember our former classmates talking about the woman who I had walked and talked with earlier and I, and so they had seen the two of us walking and talking earlier.

As they talked about the woman behind us as we walked I remember hearing my former classmate DH make a racist statement where he said something like:

“I gave up messing with / dating white women years ago, never again, no more white women for me, shi#, everyone knows that white women went out of style back in the (he said a year range but I can not remember which / what year rang, but I am guessing that he said the early 2000s).” or something racist like that.

I shook my head in disappointment and disagreement et cetera to the racist statement made by my former classmate DH, I was about to respond to his racist statement to let him know my disappointment and my disagreement and how his statement was racist and to remind him that I do not believe in or support race and to say a few other things hoping to at least educate him, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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