Forgotten Dreams: In A Rush To Do Something?

Last night I went to bed too late so I did not get enough sleep, I slept well, but I had to wake up suddenly to get ready to work and I did not have time to stop and think about my dreams all day.

So I pretty much forgot all of my dreams from last night except for some bits and pieces and guesses, I remembered a bit more earlier but I did not voice record those dream pieces before going to work, and so I can not remember those pieces of the dream(s).


The Room (2007)

The Room (2007)
Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 2007 short film The Room which was directed by the directors Andres Meza-Valdes and Diego Meza-Valdes, and starred the actress Katie McClellan (as the character Sam) and the actress Peanut Alvarez (as the character Kris) and the actress Jennifer Atwood and the actor Francisco Padura (as the character Father):

What is it about?

This is what the IMDb says about this short film:

Sam wakes up in a cold, metal-covered room with a long streak of blood flowing from the door.

The blood trail leads to a mutilated body.

The body is her boyfriend lying in the corner of the room.

Obviously frightened, she still mysteriously knows where she is and whom an ominous, forceful voice on an intercom belongs to.

It’s her father’s voice.

She stays in the room as punishment, and how long until she gets out she doesn’t know.

Hours become days.

Days become weeks.

In the room, Sam finds solace in talking to her nine-year-old sister through a latch built into the bottom of the room’s door.

This keeps herself occupied and her mind focused to prevent reoccurring flashes she has of her late mother’s death.

Meanwhile, the voice gives her instructions to take white pills that put her to sleep.

Sam slowly pieces together fragmented memories she has from her past, and begins to understand why she stays locked in this room, for what lies inside of her cannot be let free.

– Written by Sam Rega

My Thoughts

I think that it was my brother GC who told me about this short film, and so I watched it.

This short film kept a bit of mystery going as you tried to figure out some of the circumstances of the situation and where this was going.

The end,

-John Jr