Forgotten Dreams: In A Rush To Do Something?

Last night I went to bed too late so I did not get enough sleep, I slept well, but I had to wake up suddenly to get ready to work and I did not have time to stop and think about my dreams all day.

So I pretty much forgot all of my dreams from last night except for some bits and pieces and guesses, I remembered a bit more earlier but I did not voice record those dream pieces before going to work, and so I can not remember those pieces of the dream(s).

I think that some of my family was in one or more dreams from last night.

There was something that I had to do in one or more dreams that possibly involved being in a rush to do something.

One or more dreams was or were possibly inspired by something that I watched or read or played or listened to or did yesterday.

But that is all that I can remember now unfortunately after rushing out of bed, not voice recording the pieces that I remembered, working nonstop at work, falling asleep briefly when I got home, and not thinking about my dreams all day.

Because I do not remember much of my dreams from last night, here is a video that I watched yesterday from the Empire Files YouTube channel with Abby Martin called Israeli Soldier’s Explosive Tell-All: “Palestinians Are Right To Resist”:

The end,

-John Jr

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