Korey Coleman’s Parody Videos & Shadow Moon & Mr. Wednesday Going To Meet The Old Gods (Deities)

The end of this dream was inspired by the book American Gods, which I am still reading after checking it out from the local library where I work (this is my first time trying to read a book in years) and I read a few pages of the book before going to bed last night so that part of the book inspired part of the end of this dream (I have been reading it slowly the last few days), and the television show American Gods (which is not even out yet, and I hope to have finished the book before it is released).

During the dream I am not sure if I was myself and / or if I was the character Shadow Moon (the version from the television series American Gods played by the actor Ricky Whittle), but I will assume that I was myself and that Shadow Moon and the character Mr. Wednesday / Wednesday (the version from the television series American Gods played by the actor Ian McShane) just happened to often be in the same area as me so I would often hear and see them.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream which possibly took place during the day is that some of my family (like my parent’s and maybe my brother GC) were in part of the dream with me, maybe as we walked through and outside an indoor / outdoor shopping mall-like place, and the characters Shadow Moon and Wednesday from the television show American Gods were walking through some of the same areas on their way to meet up with The Old Gods (it really should be The Old Deities because there are Gods and Goddesses and not just Gods, I hate it when people use the word God in place of Deity, because a God is a male Deity while Deity is not a gender specific term so it can be used a general term but for some reason most people use God instead Deity even if they are referring to Goddesses (female deities) and entities without gender or with several genders) at a meeting in a certain location.

At some point I remember walking into an indoor room and outdoor area that seemed to be between where The R Trailer (Mobile Home) used to be and where my aunt JE’s house should be, Korey Coleman from the YouTube channel Double Toasted was there with one or more computers in this bedroom-like room, and Shadow Moon and Wednesday and some other people walked into the room and in the outdoor area.

Korey had made several parody videos that were going viral that involved maybe The President Of The United States Donald Trump, maybe pornography, one or more films and / or television shows, and maybe a few other things that the parody videos were making fun of.

Korey was possibly having some problems with the computer or the computers so I probably stopped to help him, he probably also wanted to backup the videos online and offline in several places because he was afraid that his videos would get taken down because of copyright violations and / or for the content itself, and while I was helping with this I saw a few clips of the videos and some of the online reactions from people so far.

People were loving the videos so far but I definitely was afraid that they would get taken down because of copyright violations and because some of the content might be against online policies on services like YouTube and Facebook et cetera, and so I was trying to hurry up and probably fix the computer(s) which was / were possibly malware infected among other things and backup the videos before it is too late.

There were at least three parody videos so far, there were other videos there as well but they were not part of the parody, and the first video was over 30 minutes long but the other two or more were shorter.

While I was doing this I saw and overheard Shadow Moon and Wednesday talking, and I even saw and heard them greet and talk with the character Czernobog (from the television show American Gods who is played by the actor Peter Stormare) who was in the outdoor area and who was also on his way to meet with The Old Gods (Deities).

I can not remember what they were talking about except I remember Shadow Moon wanting to know where the meeting location was, so far no one had told him where the actual meeting location was, but they refused to answer this question but it seemed that they were getting close to the meeting location because they had stopped like they were waiting for one or more people to arrive before going to the actual meeting location.

I am not sure if I finished fixing the computer(s) and backing up Korey’s videos or not, I do remember telling Korey about some of the problems and how I planned to fix them and what he should do in the future to help avoid these problems and some of places online and offline where he could backup his files from now on and things that he can do to reduce the risk of copyright violations, but that is all that I can remember of the end of this dream before waking up.

The end,

-John Jr

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