Semi-Immortals Or Immortals And / Or Demideities Or Deities?

My memory of this dream is very flawed and the dream itself was confusing, and so expect missing details and for things to not make much sense.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was in what seemed to be a fictional version of The BP Library where I work as a shelver, and I remember being in the back in the employee areas.

Some of my real coworkers were there like Mr. CR, who I remember talking to briefly, but there were possibly some fictional coworkers there as well.

I am not sure if this was part of a bet or challenge or what was the reasoning behind this but for some reason I would not let my feet touch the floor, and so I had to move around the building by climbing and jumping on and around objects and the walls et cetera.

I remember making my way down a hall without my feet touching the floor (using carts and other objects and the walls to climb and move around), because I needed to wash some clothes that I had in maybe a basket, and on the left side of the hall was a windowless room that had a washing machine in it so I was going to wash my clothes in that washing machine.

When I reached the room my coworker Mr. J was in there so I remember briefly talking with him, I remember him doing some word play and combining my first name with his, and at some point a somewhat older woman with dark-color skin with black hair approach us with a photograph and maybe a note or some notes.

I am not sure if the woman was a fictional coworker of ours or a patron or who she was, I think that she showed us a photograph of a young woman who was a family member of hers (maybe a niece), and maybe she was looking for this female family member like maybe she was missing but I can not remember.

The woman was going around showing people the photograph and asking if anyone had seen her et cetera, none of us had seen her family member so far, and at some point Mr. J left as the woman continued talking with me.

I think that the woman left me a note or some notes and some photographs after telling me something that I can not remember, and then she left.

Before checking her note(s) and photographs I went to wash my clothes, the washing machine was a strange top-loading washing machine that had a small area at the top where you could wash a few clothes but there was not enough space there to wash most of my clothes, and part of the floor in the room under it was like a tiled shower floor that was partly raised so that it could hold water and you could put clothes on this floor because the washing machine would overflow to the floor so that you could wash clothes on the floor and in the washing machine itself which did not make much sense even in the dream.

I put the few clothes that I could fit at the top of the washing machine, and I put the rest on the floor.

I added some laundry detergent and I turned the washing machine on, water filled the small area at the top, and then water overflowed on the floor to where it covered the rest of my clothes that were on the floor.

The spin cycle started for the clothes at the top of the washing machine but the clothes on the floor had nothing to spin them, and so water and soapy laundry detergent would overflow slowly to create a bit of motion to help soak and clean the clothes on the floor which did not seem like a good way to clean them in my opinion even in the dream.

While this was going on I decided to check the note(s) and photographs the woman had gave me, and the photographs were of several men and women (possibly including the woman who gave this to me).

I think that the note(s) said that something had happened to each of them in the past but I never learned what happened to them exactly, but to me it seemed that the people in the photographs were possibly either semi-immortal or immortal and were either demideities (demigods and demigoddesses) or deities (gods and goddesses) or were just humans.

I assumed that something happened in the past to each of them that changed them in one or more of the ways that I mentioned above, and when I looked at each photograph I saw or read or heard part of each of their stories from part of their lives which were shown in either the text of the note(s) and / or videos which somehow played on the photograph itself oddly and / or flashbacks and / or were read by a narrator depending on the photograph.

Unfortunately I can not remember any of these people’s stories except for one of the men who had light-color skin with yellow hair, it looked like part of the top of his head had been cut completely off cleanly and evenly so that you could see part of his brain but in reality I think that it was just an illusion because he had a strange haircut like Guile from Street Fighter, and his photograph and video were in a sepia color and seemed to be very old (maybe Ancient Roman) but also almost futuristic because of the strange outfit that he was wearing.

The man was wearing a strange outfit that looked almost like something that was from Ancient Rome combined with something futuristic like a Courser Uniform from the video game Fallout 4, the outfit had a strange and tall collar which looked a bit goofy, imagine a costume from the Frank Herbert’s Dune miniseries which combined ancient and futuristic with a goofy upper class style to it.

The man was standing next to what looked like maybe ancient Roman stone columns (pillars) like he was standing by an ancient building, and he seemed to be posing for the photograph.

The photograph then became a video that showed someone hitting the man in the head with a glass bottle that seemed to be a wine bottle, and a maybe purple liquid came out when the bottle broke on the man’s head but the video ended and it became a photograph again.

I assumed that maybe him getting hit on the head with the bottle and having the wine or whatever spill on him somehow made him semi-immortal or immortal and maybe into a demigod or god or something, but that was my wild guess.

In each story for the people in the photographs there was a different event that happened to them, so I did not see a pattern, but somehow they all probably got the same ability or abilities.

I stopped to check my clothes in the washing machine and on the floor, I then realized that under the top part of the washing machine was the main normal area where you put your clothes, and so I could have fit all of my clothing inside the washing machine if I had known that earlier.

So I decided to stop the washing machine so that I could get my clothes off the floor and put them inside the washing machine this time, while I did this I thought about the photographs and stories and the woman and her missing family member, and I wondered how did all of this connect and what did this all mean.

It seemed that the people in the photographs had possibly been around since various time periods, with the man who possibly was from Ancient Rome possibly being the oldest (but I have no idea), and I assumed that they were all still alive today and that they all looked the same like they do not age.

I wondered if maybe someone was targeting them and / or their family members, maybe someone wanted to know the secret of why they do not age, and so maybe someone was trying to kidnap them and / or their family members to experiment on them (but those were my wild guesses).

But I woke up.

I assume that this dream was possibly partly inspired by the book American Gods, which I am still reading, and which I read part of before going to sleep.

The end,

-John Jr

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