A Slowly Changing Dream World And Slowly Changing Woman Who Keeps Trying To Seduce Me

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was on the upper floor of a house, probably a slightly fictional version of The E House, and my aunt DE and maybe a few of my other aunts from my mom’s side of the family were there on the first floor.

I was in a room that was like a larger slightly fictional version of my deceased grandfather CE and deceased grandmother DE, unlike in real life this room was often used by some of my family members, and on the right side of this room was a computer with a very old CRT monitor that was sitting on a desk that some of my family members would often use and maybe the computer had internet access but I can not remember.

The computer needed to be checked out, so I was checking it for outdated programs so that I could update them and update the operating system, I was removing unneeded programs, I was going to install some antimalware programs and scan for and remove any malware, and various other forms of maintenance and checks.

The desktop had lots of icons that were scattered all over the place and they were not aligned at all, some of the icons were duplicates (I saw several icons for Google Chrome that lacked names) and many icons had no name, and so I started removing duplicate icons and adding names to them and I changed the setting so that icons would be automatically aligned from now on.

Someone else was possibly in the room when I was doing all of this, maybe my brother GC and maybe one or more of my aunts walked in and out of the room a few times, and I possibly played some music or something from either some files or programs on the computer itself or from maybe an old radio or something but I can not remember.

The wallpaper (background) on the computer was purple and reminded me of the Ubuntu operating system but the GUI seemed more like Microsoft Windows, and so I am not sure which operating system was on the computer but I assume that it was a version of Microsoft Windows.

I remember looking through some files on the computer as I did all of this, I am not sure if I finished working on the computer or not, I just remember that my plan was to walk downstairs and let my aunts know that the computer was ready.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream is confusing and the dream world and some of the characters in the dream slowly changed throughout the dream without me noticing, and so that makes this dream even more confusing.

I remember being in a bedroom that looked like a slightly fictional version of my brother KD’s and my brother TD’s room, on the right side of the room was a bunk bed and the top bunk was mine and the bottom bunk was my brother GC’s, and on the left side of the room was a twin-size(d) bed.

My brother GC and I were probably trying to sleep when an unknown thin woman with light-color skin with long dark hair who somewhat reminded me of the character Clarice (played by the actress Mickey O’Hagan) from the television show Homeland (Season 6) in the way that she looked and acted entered the room, she was probably drunk and / or high on some other kind of drug(s), and it seemed that someone was going to let her spend the night in the bed across from our bunk bed which we did not agree with at all but it was not our choice.

We hoped that she was not going to spend the night but as the time passed it seemed that she would, she seemed like the type of person who likes to party, do drugs, have unprotected sex with random people, like someone who might have one or more STDs (STIs), like someone you could not trust et cetera, and so we were not comfortable with the idea of having to sleep with her in the room.

The woman probably kept trying to get us to get out of bed to party and have sex et cetera but we were not interested at all, we just wanted to sleep, and at some point we had no choice but to sleep with her sleeping on the bed across from our bunk bed.

At some point I woke up, the room was windowless so I am not sure what time of day it was, and the woman started to wake up as well and then my brother GC started to wake up.

I noticed what looked like nacho cheese and some other stuff smeared over the bed that the woman was sleeping on, lots of it, and then I started asking her about it and complaining about it because it seemed that she had smeared the cheese and whatever else on the bed.

I then noticed that some was smeared on my bed and that even more was smeared on my brother GC’s bed, this annoyed me even more, I told my brother GC, and then I complained even more to the woman about this but she thought that it was funny and this was all a game to her.

To make things worse the woman did not leave, we found out that she would be staying at least several more days and possibly even longer, but it was not clear how long she would stay.

As the days passed the woman continued trying to get us to join her in her lifestyle, now it was more of a focus on sex it seemed, and she would tease us trying to seduce us from her bed across the room each day in various ways (looks, nudity, sounds, and other things).

Her appearance slowly changed throughout the dream with her hair color slowly changing colors and getting lighter and she was getting more attractive and she was becoming less thin to where her body slowly started to look more attractive as she became less thin, I did not notice that she was slowly changing over time, but I did feel that she was becoming more attractive to me like her changes were based on what I liked but I still was not interested because of the various other issues with her.

Not only was she slowly changing during the dream but the dream world slowly changed, at first it seemed that we were inside a slightly fictional version of maybe my parent’s house where maybe my parent’s ran the house, but then it became a shelter or whatever that seemed to be run by nuns with stricter rules so sex and drugs et cetera were not allowed.

Normally the nuns would not let men and women sleep in the same room but the nuns trusted and knew my brother GC and I, the woman’s bed was across the room where they could see her bed from outside the room, and the door to the room probably stayed open so the nuns felt comfortable enough to continue letting the woman sleep in the same room as us.

The head nun who ran the shelter or whatever was an older woman with light-color skin, she would check in on us each day to see how we were doing, and to make sure that everyone was following the rules.

The woman continued teasing us each day like she was trying to seduce us, this was not working, and so she seduced a man with light-color skin with medium-length light-yellow hair who worked in another part of the building.

During the night the man would come into the room and the woman and him would have sex, they did not care that we were also in the room, and even as they had sex the woman would look at us still teasing us and taunting us like she was trying to seduce us into also having sex with her.

Her hair was probably brown at this point, somehow the nuns never suspected or caught them having sex, and the man was possibly married or was dating someone else.

They would have unprotected sex each time, eventually the dream world changed into a shelter or whatever that was no longer run by nuns and now a woman with dark-color skin with short black hair seemed to be in charge and she had some employees who worked at the shelter, and the rules were not as strict.

The woman now had orange hair and she looked even more attractive, she was more attractive to me now but I still was resisting her, and I forgot to mention that as the dream went on her personality and behavior became less annoying.

It was like the woman was slowly changing her look and personality throughout the dream to try to increase her changes of seducing me like she was slowly figuring out what I find more attractive.

At some point I finally remember being in a different room in the building, it seemed to be a living room-like room, and the woman was having sex with the possibly married man who probably looked a bit different now.

My brother GC was no longer in the dream and he was replaced by a thin nerdy-looking young man with dark-color skin with black hair in a box fade style who wore glasses, he was not in the room with us at this time, and as usual the woman and man were having sex in front of me.

The woman was putting on her usual show teasing and taunting me, I remember her taunting the young man who was not in the room saying that he probably had a small penis and she seemed to like large penises, and she wondered how big my penis was but I refused to talk about things like that with her.

She said that we were boring and that she keeps throwing herself at us but we keep refusing to have sex with her, she said a few other things trying to trick me into having sex with her it seemed, but I continued to resist her.

I remember her continuing to have sex in front of me while putting on a show, she had a bit of pubic hair and her body and face and her still long even more amazing orange hair were more attractive, and I remember her riding the man’s large penis gracefully in a modified reversed cowgirl-like position still trying to seduce me as I could see a slight bulge in the lower part of her body when the man’s penis would enter her.

At this point I realized that she was becoming more attractive to me like she was slowly breaking through some of my resistance, but I was still resisting her though even as her personality and appearance continued to improve.

Several things that made it pretty easy to resist her included: her earlier behavior and personality, all the unprotected sex with random people and fear of STIs and pregnancy, she still did not seem like someone you could trust, personality wise and behavior wise she still was not my type even as her appearance became more attractive to me, I am not the type who is just looking for sex but an actual committed relationship first before the sex, I would not have sex with someone without us getting tested for STIs first and both of us would have to use one or more forms of protection, and I am more cautious so someone trying to seduce me constantly like that is suspicious et cetera.

The woman in charge entered the room with one or two other employees, including a male who looked like the popular version of Frankenstein’s Monster, and told the woman and man that they probably should not be doing that in this room but she did not make them stop.

They all started talking and there were hints that the woman had sex with some other employees including maybe the Frankenstein’s Monster-like person, but I woke up.

Even several hours after waking up I got that feeling and thing that you get sometimes where you feel a certain way and you think about someone who(m) you dreamed about while you are awake, the feeling and thoughts fade as the day goes on, but I did think about the woman in the dream sometimes today and that feeling of attraction that I started to feel in the dream was still there.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “A Slowly Changing Dream World And Slowly Changing Woman Who Keeps Trying To Seduce Me”

Hello True George,

You and one of your posts about succubuses / succubi came to my mind when thinking about this dream yesterday, and so that thought crossed my mind as well. 😉

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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