Two Different People Or Two Sides Of The Same Person?

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I can only barely remember part of my last continuing dream / maybe semi-daydream / maybe thoughts from last night, I got awakened three different times by three different alarms, and after that I woke up a few times to check the time and I went back to sleep each time.

During each time that I went back to sleep I probably continued my same dream and maybe semi-daydreams and maybe thoughts, which were probably partly inspired by the television show Daredevil, and the two episodes of Passport To Europe with Samantha Brown that I watched before going to sleep with the last episode involving Libson, Portugal.

Samantha Brown – Portugal

The dream possibly took place in Libson, Portugal but I am not sure, it either involved two different men or two different sides of the same man, and that man or one of those men was possibly me but I can not remember.

The dream was possibly a bit Daredevil-like and vigilante-like, there was a man with two different sides of himself or there were two different men, and this man and his two sides or these two men would help people.

This man and his two sides or these two men would possibly move across rooftops and through alleys in maybe Lisbon, Portugal helping people in need, one side of the man or one of the men mostly helped people in more peaceful ways and in more peaceful everyday situations (helping people up stairs, helping people who are lost, and even helping people in more dangerous situations but with less violence than the other side of the man or than the other man), but the other side of the man or the other man helped people in more violent ways and in more violent situations (stopping people from getting robbed, attacked, raped, murdered, et cetera by beating up the attacker).

I probably started to notice this different between the two sides of the man or between the two men (I probably started to wonder if I was this man or one of these men, I was not exactly sure if it was two sides of the same person or of myself or if it was two different people, and so I started thinking about this and about what it could mean), and my waking up to check the time and going back to sleep connected with all of this as well in ways that I can not remember.

At some point when I was dreaming / daydreaming / thinking, I remembered what the time was when I last checked it in the real world, and then I realized that I needed to go to work an hour earlier than usual so I needed to wake up now.

So I woke up and I got ready for work thanks to me remembering this during the dreaming / daydreaming / thinking.

The end,

  • John Jr

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