A Transitioning Dream About Man Down

File:Man Down (film).png
Source: Wikipedia

Last night I had a variety of dreams, some of which probably had a lot of transitions, but I did not voice record them during the night so now I can only remember part of my last dream which was a transitioning dream that smoothly transitioned between various dream scenes (whatever).

This dream was inspired by a movie trailer that I saw maybe a month ago or so for the film Man Down:

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it probably took place during the day, and I was outside in an unknown fictional area with some of my family.

At some point we walked to a fictional one-story house with a carport, I assume that this was a fictional house where my family lived, and we stood under the carport and in the yard talking.

I was talking with my mom, during our conversation my brother CC possibly walked over and he talked with us briefly but I am not sure, and maybe at some point my mom and I were possibly talking about my brother CC and about him being in the military.

This conversation with my mom possibly led to me mentioning the trailer for the film Man Down, my mom had not seen the trailer or heard of the film before, and so I told her about the trailer because I have not seen the movie yet either.

My memory is too unclear but I do know that the rest of the dream transitioned between various dream scenes (whatever) based on Man Down with me talking to different people who had seen the trailer and some who had seen the film, some who said they read a book based on it or that the movie was based on (as far as I know this does not have a book), some who said that they listened to an audiobook based on it or that the movie was based on (as far as I know there is no audiobook), and some who said that they played a video game based on the movie (as far as I know there is no video game).

These transitions were smooth so I did not notice them, they were all based on things involving Man Down, and there were many transitions.

During these transitions I would be talking to someone, I would see flashbacks and / or scenes from their experiences involving the Man Down trailer or movie or book or audiobook or video game, I would see parts (the physical items themselves and part of what they contain) of the real trailer and movie and book and audiobook (I also saw the case which was orange and looked like the case for the Playaways at The BP Library where I work as a shelver) and video game (some of which I possibly got to interact with), et cetera.

The last transitions of the dream involved the video game based on the film Man Down, this video game seemed to be an open world video game that reminded me of the Grand Theft Auto video games, and my former male classmate DH was possibly the first dream character to tell me about it but I am not sure.

The last person in the dream to tell me about the video game was my former male classmate JC, besides talking about it and seeing flashbacks about it, we possibly played the video game or I possibly watched him play it.

I remember the video game having very good graphics and it looked like the greatest version of Grand Theft Auto ever made, and I think that I remember my former classmate JC controlling the video game character as he rode maybe a bicycle quickly through a nice quiet countryside down quiet streets and trails and park-like areas through and surrounded by nature like forests and small ponds and small rivers with trees and flowers et cetera.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr