An Outdoor NBA Game With Dennis Rodman?

I had a second dream last night but I forgot to voice record it after I woke up, I probably falsely assumed that I had already voice recorded it, and so I can not remember that second dream at this time because I did not think about the dream again until later in the day when I realized that I did not voice record it but I did voice record the first dream.

All that I can remember of the first dream from last night is that maybe my mom was in the dream during the earlier parts of the dream but I am not sure, and at some point I remember walking up a road that was somewhat like a fictional version of the road that BB’s Grocery Store should be on.

At some point I reached an area on the right side of the road where maybe an outdoor NBA basketball game was going on with a small crowd of people standing around watching, and Dennis Rodman was one of the basketball players who was playing in the game but I can not remember who else was playing but I assume there were some other basketball players from the past playing as well among some unknown basketball players.

For some unknown reason I wanted Mr. Rodman’s team to win, near the end of the game there was a distraction that happened that I can not remember when it was time for some free throw shots, and someone (maybe Mr. Rodman) told me to sneak and shoot a free throw shot when no one was looking so that they could probably win the game and supposedly I was told that this would not be illegal.

I did this without the other team noticing, and briefly after this the game ended without me knowing who won the game exactly.

My brother CC was there with me as we were about to leave, and an unknown woman with light-color skin with long red hair who somewhat looked like maybe a combination of Tori Amos and Mary McDonnell wearing dress clothes joined us as we walked with most of the crowd to a shopping center somewhat further up the street.

The unknown woman and I probably talked as we walked to the shopping center, even in the dream I probably did not know who she was or why she joined us, but maybe she was trying to get close to me.

Once we reached the shopping center many people were getting pizza at an outdoor / maybe indoor Little Caesars, we were going to get some pizza as well, but then I noticed that my brother CC was gone.

The unknown woman told me that my brother CC went to the bathroom, I wanted to wait until he gets back before ordering pizza, but she said that we should order the pizza now and she sent me to get the pizza at the Little Caesars.

The line was shaped like the letter U and the line was pretty long, and so I waited in line.

At some point a male employee who was outside tried to hand me some change by mistake, I told him that the money was not mine, and he apologized and he handed the change (money) to the correct person.

I can not remember if I ordered my pizza before this or not, but I remember seeing my former male classmate AM sitting on the ground on some grass next to the building and line of people so I walked over and greeted him and I sat down near him.

Across from him was the professional wrestler Ric Flair who was wearing one of his fancy blue and maybe white and maybe silver robes that he used to wear during his ring entrances, Mr. Flair looked very old, but he was still pretty much the usual Ric Flair.

I started talking with my former classmate AM and Ric Flair, I probably mentioned something that happened to me in the real world last night where I was taking a bath when I got a terrible stomach muscle cramp or something, and I remember Mr. Flair making some jokes about it.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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