The Prime Minister Of Japan Kissing Women In A Village

I remembered one or more other dreams last night but I kept going back to sleep without voice recording them, and so now I can only barely remember the end of my last dream from last night.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that I was possibly inside a dimly lit or dark room watching maybe a low-quality video, and this assumed low-quality and / or strange-looking video was filmed in an unknown country.

A fictional short somewhat strange somewhat creepy somewhat older man who was The Prime Minister Of Japan was walking through a village smiling in this unknown country like he was visiting this country and was taking a tour through this village, and the camera was zoomed in closely on him so at first you could not see if he had bodyguards and security with him or not.

The village possibly looked somewhat like this, but I do not think that it was in Europe and I assumed that it was maybe somewhere in Asia but even in the dream I did not know what country this took place in:

The Prime Minister Of Japan walked around the village smiling with a somewhat creepy smile, and he kept stopping to kiss random women.

The kisses were not the friendly greeting type of kiss either, they were the slower and sloppier and nastier sexual-type of kisses with probably a lot of tongue, and this seemed very inappropriate for a prime minister to be doing (especially in public).

It seemed that this was not an unusual thing for this prime minister to be doing, I assumed that he was the type who was more open about this and who probably went around having sex with random women around the world, but that was my assumption from seeing how he acted and his facial expressions and the way that he walked and the way that he dressed et cetera.

There were people in the village standing outside their houses and buildings and some who were probably following The Prime Minister Of Japan, welcoming him, and it was almost like a parade.

I am not sure how many random women he kissed but he kissed a lot of women, and at some point a man in the crowd yelled something angrily in maybe Japanese at The Prime Minister Of Japan but I could not see the man because the camera was still too zoomed in on the prime minister.

I could not understand what was said but I assumed that the man was angry and disgusted by the prime minister walking around kissing random women like that, and the man probably told him that he should be ashamed of himself but that was my wild guess.

The Prime Minister Of Japan smiled and probably laughed confidently, and then I saw a rock flying at the prime minister that was probably thrown by the man who had yelled at him.

It hit The Prime Minister Of Japan in the chest, it did no damage though, and somehow the prime minister was now an older short woman now who was wearing different clothing and I did not notice that the prime minister had changed into a different person magically because the change happened when the camera briefly looked away to show the rock flying in the air.

The now female Prime Minister Of Japan became angry, and she started yelling something angrily in Japanese that I translated to mean: “Security!” even though I did not understand what she said.

The Prime Minister Of Japan was furious that the man had dared to hit her with a rock, and then the prime minister’s male bodyguards and security ran to shield her and get her to a safe location and keep everyone back.

The Prime Minister Of Japan yelled something else to her bodyguards in Japanese that I did not understand, but I translated it to mean: “Get him!”.

Two male bodyguards wearing suits and who spoke American English and who seemed to be from either North America or Europe and who seemed like trained and experienced bodyguards (with maybe some military special forces experience), one with light-color skin and maybe one with medium-color skin but I can not remember, were yelling orders to the rest of the bodyguards and security as they ran to tackle the rock thrower.

I thought that it was odd that The Prime Minister Of Japan seemed to maybe have some American and / or European bodyguards who seemed to possibly be the head of her security team.

The two bodyguards tackled the man who threw the rock, and the man kept trying to resist while yelling things in Japanese.

The now female Prime Minister Of Japan was already moved from the area and her bodyguards and security were keeping everyone back and were forming a perimeter, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

2 replies on “The Prime Minister Of Japan Kissing Women In A Village”

It would have been a problem if he was kissing random men…..
Not unusual that people with political power would sleep with lots of women. It’s similar to groupies who go around seeking to have sex with a rock star, movie star and professional athletes.

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Hello True George,

I agree that it would have been more of a problem to a variety of cultures if he was kissing random men and that it is not unusual for people with power and money et cetera to have sex with more people and to have groupies et cetera.

But some of the things that were unusual to me, besides strangeness of The Prime Minister Of Japan himself and then herself, was: the way that it was being done, the fact that it was happening in public in a different country during an assumed official visit and tour with crowds watching, he was possibly kissing some women without permission, I did not think that mainstream Japanese culture would approve of their prime minister behaving like this in public during his official duties, et cetera.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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